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Hope you are keeping well. March should be the month of marching forward, reckoning the total amount of creativities in the last year which culminates through the publication spree in the month of February. Twenty first day of the second month on the Gregorian calendar is the International Mother Language Day. The books, novels, poems and journals published in this month are the yardstick of our intellectuality and creativity. We also need to be soul-searching and foreseeing. So we have tried to explore the number of books, journals and periodicals written so far on the theme of our War of Independence. Bangladeshis, the winning side of the war in 1971 against Pakistanis, eulogized heroic valour of war veterans while the regime as well as the West Pakistanis despised the surrender of 98 thousand soldiers led by Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi to the Indian Army command. Most of the Indian writers allied with Bangladeshi authors in form and substance. But a good number authors in the Europe and America worked on this issue objectively, accommodating the versions of both the losers and winners. So objective research findings are either hailed or despised. Hope you will like the article.

Hope to see you soon.

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