Dear readers
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. Hope you are keeping well, so are we. Compromises on the question of question leak will be no less than sabotage to the education system. It will preside over the collapse of the future generation paving the way for the foreigners to take over the diverse jobs. We are passing through a moment when the country’s universities can’t shrug off age-old system of taught courses let alone introducing research degrees or courses in higher education. Rather system has been plagued with scams, leak, after-hour classes to augment income etc. So it is high time we ran the cover story on question paper leaks, selling answers to the questions to the examinees in the halls of public exams using delicate smaller devices etc. Creativity falls on wrong hands. Some fraudsters even leak question papers designed for the professional tests and before learning the answers to the questions to qualify for bank jobs these cronies employ experts to solve the questions. Hope you will like the write-up.

Dear subscribers
Stay alert to the destruction of cultural heritages of the world which to us seems the ‘Third World III’ undercover. Antic thieves in the guise of IS or Daish are proactive in the war. Make the historical sites your tourist spots. So watch out any news of destruction of antics, relics, archaeological artifacts, buildings like Taj Mahal and mosque of Yunus, dams like Ma’arib etc and raise you voice against ‘Third World III’.

Hope to return to you next month.

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