In the light of the Holy Hadith

Dear brothers and sisters, in this Hadith our noble Prophet (S.A.W) is metaphorically, symbolically explaining how a Muslim is supposed to live in the world (Dunya).Comparing himself to a rider (horseman) who is traveling through the desert, our dearest Prophet (pbuh) describes the Dunya as a shady tree. Just as the rider stops for a little while to rest (take a short nap) and then continues with his journey, we are in the Dunya for little while only.  One day we have to leave this green and wonderful world, like rider, and continue with our journey to the Akhirat (Jannah or Jahannam).
The life of this world is for the time being:
The lesson we may get from this Hadith is that undoubtedly we have to leave this Dunya like a traveler. Just as the traveler who stops during the course of his journey and does not occupy himself in such activities that will hinder him from fulfilling the aim of his journey, we must not allow the wealth/properties of the Dunya to hinder us from worshipping and obeying Allah. The world is a cultivation land for the Hereafter. This world and its life is a testing place for human beings, the results of which will be declared on the Last Day or the Day of Judgment. The text of this Hadith is that whatever man will reap in this world, he will see in the next as the saying goes, ‘as you sow shall you rep’.
Life on this earth will come to an end:
Belief in life after death reminds men that life on this earth is temporary and it will come to an end one day. On the Day of Judgement, Allah will assemble all human beings to give an account of what they did in this life and each one of them will be rewarded or punished accordingly. Human beings’ life in this world is a trial, an examination period, during which he prepares himself either for reward or for punishment for the next life of infinite duration. Every individual is personally responsible and accountable for his actions.
Md. Moshiur Rahman

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