Dear readers

Assalamu alaikum. Hope you are doing well with the ways and means that you have available at hands. We are no exception to it. People all over the world use new gadgets if they afford though most of them don’t. It is because most of them are pricy. But to ease the pressing problems of the peoples of the planet scientists are trying to address the problems. From time immemorial people looked for easing their lives and shoot the troubles on their way forward. The inventions of 2015 are nothing but that legacy of helping the humanity with the inventions of newer technologies, instruments and gadgets. Of course the human necessities prompt some scientists to invent some gadgets which have demand on markets, substantiating the old proverb— necessity is the mother of invention. Diametrically other scientists invent gadgets first out of their business plan and then create the market and the demand. They use the popular media to popularize this less necessary gadgets for a smaller section of society. Many such tech items are meant for the rich section of the society. These inventions are superfluous, unnecessary and gratuitous too. To keep you updated about the latest inventions of the world we are running the cover story on the inventions of the 2015. Hope you will like it and stay up-to-date.

Hope to return to you next month.

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