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Assalamu alaikum. Hope this issue will find you well by the grace of Almighty Allah. Against the backdrop of ever-depleting reading habit in the world we are running a cover story on study circle. It is a big problem for the world that people have limited their socialisation and increased their screen time. Even they a section does it does socialisation by going to clubs which to the ground are pubs and taverns. Modeled after European pubs, clubs in most cases serve the purpose of elite people for eating, drinking and merrymaking. It doesn’t go with young and sober people who want a knowledge-based society. To save the young generation from aggression of clubs, pubs and drugs it has become one of the imperatives of the world to introduce study circles. It will pave the way for positive socialisation and rid the sons and daughters of the soil of screen mania. And there is no denying of the fact that people are socialising because clubs are available at hand what study circles aren’t. Now it is a question whether the world can stay away from going to clubs, pubs and taverns by creating more and more study circles based in communities. The United Nations should mobilise the catchword “study circle for each person”.

Dear readers
This issue coincides with February what is a month of book fair in Bangladesh. Twenty first February is also International Mother Language Day. Let us engage in study circle widely and pray for the salvation of the great souls of Salam, Barkat, Rafiq and Jabber as they sacrificed their souls for Bengali language which can be enriched through study circles not clubs, taverns and pubs.
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