How to be a good Muslim?

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, the most beloved of you and closest to me in the Hereafter are those with the best character. Verily, the most hate of you and furthest from me in the Hereafter are those with the worst character: the boastful, the pompous, and the verbose.”
(Sahih Ibn Hibban – 5673)


Dear brothers and sisters,
Every Muslim should have good character. To achieve good character, one should list of vices of destruction and the virtues of salvation. He must look to the listed vices and virtues daily. If he can free himself from the following ten vices, he can save himself from the other faults as these ten are the bases of evils. These ten vices are – 1) Miserliness, 2) Pride, 3) Self-aggrandizement, 4) Show of honesty, 5) Hatred, 6) Excessive anger, 7) Heavy food, 8) Excessive sexual intercourse, 9) Greed for wealth, 10) Greed for name and fame.
The bases of virtues of salvation are also ten. 1) Repentance for commission of sins, 2) Patience at dangers and difficulties, 3) Satisfaction over decree 4) Gratefulness for gifts received, 5) Fear and hope, 6) Renunciation of the world, 7) Sincerity of actions 8) Good behavior with the people, 9) Love for God, 10) Humility before Him.
He who has got the ten vices mentioned above shall think how to remove at first one of them. If it is given up, one vice goes away from the list. Think next of removing another vice and express gratefulness for removal of the first one. In this way, he shall remove the ten vices from himself and acquire the ten virtues in their stead. These are the fields of thought for to be a good Muslim. By these methods, you will try to acquire good character which will attract you towards the beloved and save you from the vices of destruction and adorn you with the virtues of salvation.

Jobayer Al Mahmud, Student, Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey

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