Editorial – October 2018

Dear subscribers

Assalamu alaikum. Hope you are keeping well by the grace of almighty Allah. Against the backdrop of the world with full of challenges for us we are running a cover story on citizenship challenge. The national agencies are covertly or overtly active in Indian Assam, Israeli Negev and Myanmar’s Rakhine, Kachin and Shan. The countries are hatching conspiracies to deport the sons and daughters of their soils. So it has become one of the human imperatives to know the pedigree so that they can stay safe and live a peaceful life in their countries of origin. There is nothing to lose in on the part of victims to know the line of their parents if possible up to Adam (PBUH) though sons of the soils don’t need it. Ignorance about the possible dangers from the motherlands may make your life hell what is inhuman, collusive and you didn’t think of. Rather you wanted to make the world into heaven being unaware of the dangers on the prowl in your motherland etc. So it is time for the people of India, Israel, Myanmar and other parts of the world where Muslims are minorities to know the local language, laws better along with following their religious scripture to guard themselves against dangers of detecting, deleting and deporting. Muslim communities can arrange an international pedigree competition to know the lines of their parents. Hope you will like the article.

Hope to return to you next month.

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