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Assalamualaikumwarahmatullah. Hope you are keeping well enough to carry on with your duties and responsibilities. We are fine too. The month, when mouthwatering and juicy fruits are abundant, is knocking on the next door. The flowers have blossomed on a range of fruit trees apart from flowering and gardening plants. You can smell those maddening scents from a mango tree even a few blocks away from your home. This blossoming of trees is a harbinger not only of those mouthwatering and tasty fruits but also of honeys of huge tastes. Bees working in mango orchard collect mango-flavoured honey but the bees grazing in litchi flower make litchi-flavoured honey. Apiculturists produce can harvest a variety of honey with medicinal value if they set their boxes of bees beside a black seed crop land. So we are running the cover story on honey and it will be tasty.
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Those of you like summer of course you like the season without its simmering heat that it sometimes turn into. It reminds us of hellish fire though we who like winter don’t want to miss out juicy summer fruits. But if you like it or not you need to take care of your health in this season when we huff and puff because of working hard and the sweating heavily after. Take extra-fluid to counterbalance those heat and be aware of heat-strokes. Summer boils may appear on your skin coupled with pimple, acne and skin related diseases. Don’t worry antidotes are abundant around you— they are summer fruits and vitamin C enriched drinks.
Keep fit and we hope to return to you next month.

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