Dear Little Snowbell -Kazi Falguni Eshita

“Look at those eyes, all blue!” Melissa pointed out, gently stroking the little ball of fur.
“Huh? Blue? Kittens don’t have blue eyes, Lisa.” Jordan shrugged, brushing away some stray fur from his fingertips.
“See for yourself, bro.”
Jordan held the little kitten close, to get a better look at her. “You definitely look unusual, little feline friend.”
“That’s because my parents were from two different breeds of cats, young man.”
Melissa could not believe her ears. “What? You can actually speak?”
“Of course I can. But you’ll never see me talking with grown ups. I only communicate with kids.”
“Wow! I bet none of our friends have talking pets. I’m glad we have one.” Jordan’s smile spread ear-to-ear.
The next day, Jordan and Melissa had to go to school earlier than usual, as they had some pretty important and lengthy exams to take. They did not wish to leave their new friend behind, so Jordan placed the kitten in his bicycle’s carrier basket.
The mathematics exam was both lengthy and challenging. So, naturally, the twins were completely drained out of energy. Oh I forgot to tell, Melissa and Jordan were twin siblings, and the kitten was a birthday gift from their father.
“So, what should we call her?” Jordan looked at his sister, with a questioning look in his eyes.
“Um…Lucifer? I love that cat in Walt Disney’s Cinderella.”
“Nope. Lucifer was a mean, tomcat. I do not want our little fur ball to be like that.”
“What about Serofina? She looks nice in the Barbie Princess cartoons.”
“Why don’t we call her Snowbell? That cat in Stuart Little is sweet, despite being a little mean at times.”
“Ok then, Snowbell it is.”
From then on, Melissa and Jordan took Snowbell wherever they went. Snowbell became a hot favorite among Melissa and Jordan’s friends. She not only could cast a spell with her beauty and affectionate purrs, but Snowbell could also perform certain exceptional games which none else could. For example: she could juggle strawberries and other small fruits with her paws. She wouldn’t eat them though. Sometimes she would ride on a little unicycle too. People would stare in awe wondering how a little female kitten could manage all these things, while the other pets failed. Snowbell would just smile at her little master and mistress, which only Melissa and Jordan could see. Even their father was unaware of the fact that the pet kitten was extraordinary. Snowbell not only entertained known groups of humans, Melissa sometimes took her to various pet shops where she earned fame and some much needed extra money for her human family.
“Love you, Snow. Thank you for all you do for us.”
“Jordan, I do whatever I can for you, as a sign of my gratitude.”
“Gratitude? It was Melissa’s turn to be surprised now.”
“Yes, little mistress. My mother went to be with God, leaving my siblings and me alone in this world. Among the six of us, only my brother and me survived. A little girl picked me up, and took me to a pet shop. From there your Papa bought me for you.”
“We’re glad he did, little ball of fur. You mean a lot to us.”
Snowbell actually turned herself into a little ball of fur at times. Jordan played basketball with her then.
As mentioned previously, Snowbell would never reveal her true self in front of grown ups. Therefore, Melissa’s father got to know that his children earned money through their own performances. The twins had mastered the piano at a very early age.
One day, while doing her homework, Melissa was talking to her little feline friend. Snowbell exceled in the human school work too. Nobody knew how.
Unfortunately, Jordan’s father was home that day. He normally did not return home from work until quite late at night, so he did not know much about their pet and her deeds.
He somehow overheard his daughter’s voice, and walked into their room to check on them.
“Lisa, whom are you talking to?”
“Oh, no one father, I was just reading out loud.”
“I thought I heard you talking to someone.”
“No, Papa. We have to memorize a history lesson, that’s what we are doing.” Jordan murmured, silently praying that their father would leave the room soon.
“Ok, then. Study well, you two.”
“Phew!” Melissa heaved a sigh of relief as their father went out through the door.
“Meow!” went Snowbell.
“Why you copy-kitten! Do you always have to copy everything I do?”
“Oh, yes. I do like to copy you.” Snowbell replied with a naughty grin.
Jordan did try several times to make Snowbell talk in public, even in front of their friends. “Snow, dear, if you talk, we will get a lot more money.”
Snowbell always warned the twins, that if they tried to make her talk in public, she would die. She would never refuse if they really demand her to talk to anyone other than them, but that day would be the last day of her life.
The twins continued to have fun with their pet, and Snowbell continued to earn much wanted money for them. Melissa and Jordan also lost their mother just an hour after they were born. Their father worked a lot to give them a comfortable life.
Snowbell learned many new things like dancing with various props. She earned by performing at various birthday parties.
One day while dancing at a friend’s party, Jordan began asking Snowbell a lot of questions, demanding answers.
“You know, my kitten can actually talk.” Jordan proudly announced at the party. He was planning to earn more money.
After a lot of requests, quarrels and demands, Snowbell finally voiced out her final words:
“You are way too greedy, Jordan. Remember, too much greed will get you nowhere.” Snowbell collapsed on the ground, as she breathed her last. The twins never found another pet like her ever again.

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