Dear readers
Institutionalisation knowledge and education and opportunity to grab it need necessarily to be accessible and easy otherwise Bangladesh can’t prosper. People of urban areas saunters past those guys who live in far flung and remote areas of a country when the question of access to educational institutions comes to as an investment tend to sprout in cities for profit. So when government of different countries, particularly the British regime in question, fail to attach necessary importance to educating people of the outskirt of a country philanthropists, humanist educationists come up to address the woe of country folk. So was the case of Nawabs of Dhaka who pioneered movement to establish one institute after another. Dhaka University was modelled after Oxford University— the most modern one at that time. Now all the universities in Bangladesh should provide research-based degrees so that the country’s universities can attract both local and foreign students alike to study here.
Dear readers
The world is growing complex increasingly and based on research. Bangladesh can be a data mine if research funds are scaled up from the present bulk of funds. To know all about intricacies and to sustain in this world you need to research, research and research. As a citizen of a developing country like Bangladesh studying is a must to keep pace with the people of emerging China and particularly the Indians with whom we have a great trade imbalance. We need to be very diplomatic, research oriented, multilingual, technologically-advanced and provided that we must be socially just, having less or no thief and beggar in Bangladesh.
ope to return to you next month.

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