Dear readers
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
Hope you are fine, and so are we. In the wake of the world getting increasing unsafe for the kids we are running a cover story linking wars and children organisations. The story opens the eye of the world to the matter that the more the war the more the children organisations. Wherever a war breaks out the children becomes one of the most vulnerable groups and so are the women. Everyone knows what happened to the women of Germany after the country lost in the World War II. A large number of war children were born there causing socio-religious, psycho-political and other problems. The book GIs and Frauleins, by Maria Hohn, documents 66000 children were born with soldiers of Allied forces in 1945-55. Not only the war children but the kids born to natural parents are also victimized by the gunpowder, sonic boom and other shock waves. Mental trauma of the wars remain in most cases unfathomable, unaddressed or even untreated, affecting those children although their life. As I was born after Independence War in 1971 I was also affected by the effect of war on me, having scabies, boils and other skin diseases on my skin for a long time. So peace is a prerequisite for proper growth of children of the world.
Dear bros and sis
Education is a continuous process. It will be a great mistake if anyone thinks student life is only reading time. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to read so much that Allah ordered him not to read excessively. Have you ever been rebuked for reading a lot by your parents? Usually what happens we’re scolded by our parents and teachers for being poor readers? But Prophet (PBUH) was mildly scolded by Allah Subhan wa Taala for moving tongue continuously. He used to do that lest he forgets some parts of the holy Quran. The onus was on him to learn the Quran, implement its’ commandments in his life and preach them among his followers. So a human particularly a Muslim means a prolific reader whatever his or her background is. Return to you soon inshaallah.

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