Dear Tech Generation
Assalamu alaikum. Hope this issue will find you in good health and healthy mood as well. Your magazine Youth Wave tries to explore the narratives about the missile men of the peace-loving planet. The planet earth gave space and scope for the missile men to stage their sagacity. Diametrically these missile men planned to destroy the mother earth on which they live on and owe to for their survival. Very ungratefully these sons of the soil poised to poison as well as perish the planet. Plundering the plutonium from the mother planet these sons helped the regimes across the planet to plunder a plethora of peace supposed to prevailin the world.They call the invention of missiles a progress. If you consider the poverty, unemployment and millennium development challenges prevailing on the planet certainly you will call it regress in place of progress. Missile programmes are meant not to construct but to destruct the humanity. Those who initiated the missile race can’t shrug off the responsibility of kicking off the destructive race. In the wake of APJ Abdul Kalam’s death we have chosen the cover story of Youth Wave to critically examine the positive and negative narratives to know whether the missile men of the planet were heroes or anti-heroes.
Hope you will like the article. But mind it we always favour science and technology to be exploited for the welfare of the humanity. Destruction of the same can’t be expected in any way. Meet you with the next issue inshaallah until then stay with your favourite magazine.

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