The importance of Salah

Buraida (R.A.A) reported that the messenger of Allah said: The covenant that is between them and us is prayer. Who gives it up becomes indeed an infidel.
(Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Nasai & Ibn Majah)

The meaning of ‘Salah’:
Dear brothers and sisters, the word Salah, itself, literally means connection, negotiation, intercession, prayer, benediction and blessing.” Therefore, the act of Salah is way of making a “connection” with our sovereign Lord, Allah the al-Mighty, the Creator, the Maker, the Protector. After declaring faith in Islam, prayer is the first and continuing sign of practical obedience to al-Mighty Allah for a man. No more than a few hours can pass after a man has embraced Islam than the Mu’adhdhin calls to prayer and it becomes evident whether or not the   profession of faith has been genuine or perfect Muslim.
The distinguishing feature between a Muslim and
a non-Muslim:
Prayer is to be said the distinguishing feature between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. We may understand we may get idea; we may get guideline from the Hadith that Muslims should always pray. Those who do not pray, those who do not perform their prayers are outside the light of real Islam. They are not in the main stream of Islam. Salah alone is the one act, which allows us to build a base of support for the entire structure of our Iman. If there is no base, how can there be anything else?
The benefits of Salah:
Salah keeps us right path. Salah reminds us that we are the servants of Allah. Salah saves us from disobedience and from evil things. It makes us Allah fearing, aware of Allah our Creator, ashamed and afraid to disobey Him. Salah helps us to build a good character, to develop a sound and steady personality. Salah leads us a disciplined and well-ordered life. Salah makes us responsible people, able to conduct our lives properly. Salah makes us clean and healthy. Salah makes us sincere Mulims, true servans of Allah and kind to all human beings. Salah makes us very happy to have been guided to Islam. Salah teaches us punctuality and regularity. Salah teaches us self-control and keeps a man away from all evil deeds. Salah purifies the Muslims physically, morally and spiritually.  Salah is the dearest act to al-Mighty Allah as well as to His Prophet (Pbuh).
Md. Moshiur Rahman

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