Screeching of Humanity (to Palestine)

Farhan Khan

Your mothers and sisters are screeching
And saying- please someone lend a hand us, help us.
No one for helping them but everyone is spectators.
Mother has lost her kid and Young man his aged parent.
Motherless children are slipping on father’s blood.
Brutality is going to touch the sky.
Datebook tries for looking back to watch ruin.
Your dastard dare is watching everything
Like watching art film but you, you are a quiet beast.
You are the next serial, rival’s weapon is moving at you
After your mothers and sisters.
Your enemy is not only your enemy but destroyer too.
“The tone of humanity; take your weapon and do struggle,
I am going to be myth from reality, save me or die with me”.
Are you hearing the tone?
Do something before swimming in your mothers
And sisters’ blood.

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