Three dearest activities to Allah

hadithMeaning: Ibn Masud (R.A.A) reported: I asked the Holy Prophet (pbuh) which of the actions is dearest to the Almighty Allah? He said: Prayer in its time. I asked then what is next. He said: Obedience to parents. I asked: Then what is next? He said: Holy war in the way of Allah.
(Bukhari and Muslim)

Salah is the dearest act to al-Mighty Allah:
Outer body is washed by water and inner soul by prayer. The greater is the wash on the body, the lesser is the dirt that remains on it.  Also for the soul, the case is same. In another Hadith the messenger of Allah said: The coolness of my eyes has been made in prayer. (Agreed) The both Hadith give idea that Salah is the dearest thing to Allah as well as to his Prophet (Pbuh).

Obedience towards parents is also dearest to Allah:
The above Hadith tell us that in Islam, next to the duty to Allah comes the duty towards parents. Parents are the immediate cause of the world. Where were we in our infancy, and where would we have been now if the parents would have not taken sincere care of us? We would have been in their absence left to the mercy of the wind, sun, and rain. We could not see this green world and the mental and physical strength that we are utilizing not could not be possible without their proper guidance. Do we realize the past and do our activities as well?

Jihad is necessary to establish a safe society:
Jihad is an Arabic word it means ‘to try one’s utmost’. Jihad is the use of all our energies and resources to establish the rule of Almighty Allah in His green land in order to ensure peace, progress, and harmony in the society. It is a continuous process. We need to strive hard to achieve this. Jihad demands the use of all our material and mental resources. Accordingly, we may be required to give our life for the cause of Islam. Through Jihad a Mujahid is trying his utmost for removing corruption and unjust from the society and country as well.

Md. Moshiur Rahman

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