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1Apart from thousands of luxury gadgets scientists in the corporate and government laboratories have devised a good number of good apps for spreading education. And thus help the humanity remove the stumble block in the way of education and knowledge of children and adults. Just have a glimpse of such gadgets.

Equipment to Educate English
Children learn how to trace letters (and the numbers 1-10) – both upper and lower case. Once they have traced the letters they come to life and retrace their shapes with gorgeous animations. Then once they feel confident children can write without any help. It’s beautiful and absorbs children whilst they learn the shapes and sounds of letters. It has won tons of Best App awards – and rightly so.

Reading Raven
An engaging app that teaches children phonics with a step-by step programme, one lesson at a time. We love the clear letter sounds as you click on each letter. This has been recommended by many teachers.
Little Writer
A great free app for tracing letters and learning all the sounds and letter formation of the alphabet. Bright colourful pictures make this a really eye catching and engaging app for little ones.

Lola’s Alphabet Train
An engaging app for young children. Lola the cute panda flies through the air on her train stopping to solve letter matching and reading puzzles.

Word Wonderland Primary
Word Wonderland Primary is one of the best games I’ve seen to help young children practice basic phonics skills. Children from 4 to 8 years of age will love it!
Word Wonderland will guide preschool through young elementary students through basic phonics skills using word sorting.

Alphabet Car- A Wacky Driving Game for Preschoolers to Learn Their Alphabet, App Review
Alphabet Car is a clever way to get children, ages 3-6, to practice recognizing their letters. It encourages children to play with letters using a format that is extremely appealing to the target age level.

Top Maths Apps
for Kids
Eggs on Legs
Solve the maths problems to crack open the quirky eggs on legs.  Different levels of difficulty make this a great app.  It’s fun and a great way to practice mental maths.

Meteor Math
An ‘explosive’ maths challenge with an arcade game feel – find two numbers to make the answer shown on the planet and watch as they explode! The game gets faster as you go up through the levels and it becomes exciting and challenges children to solve the sums more quickly. A great way of improving speed of mental maths.
This App is used in classrooms to teach children about control programming and directions in maths.
This lovely app version is very pretty and good fun.

Math Bingo
A good mix of fun and challenge.A simple concept and a great app for testing children on their mental maths – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Children have to get correct answers on a grid to complete their bingo square. Each right answer earns them a cute monster.
Pop Math
Children learn maths and get to grips with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Fun and quick moving. Children enjoy trying to move up the levels quickly.
Monster Time
Telling the time is something that many children find quite tricky. This cute and friendly monster helps children learn about digital and anaolgue clocks. You did tell us it was a bit fiddly though to move the clock hands to exactly the right time.

Math in action
Math in action takes a slightly different approach to teaching concepts of math to children ages 5-7.
Rather than focusing only on number calculations, it shows them how to create sets, recognize patterns, and compare quantities.
It’s an exploration app that lays a foundation for future math learning.

Annie’s Picking Apples 2
This App that combines both education and entertainment.
With the help of a little squirrel named Annie, children can learn cognitive skills (number sense, number ordering, categorizing, and problem solving), motor skills (hand/eye coordination, spatial awareness, and timing), and attending skills (focus, attending, and memory) using games and puzzles.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure Preschool – A math app for the little ones
While they are a big part of math, numbers aren’t the only concept preschool children need to know.  Zorbit’s Math Adventure Preschool does a nice job of giving kids a full math experience – from numbers to concepts to shapes and colours

App News – 123 Ninja – The First Numbers Slicing Game for Kids
123 Ninja by Innovative Mobile Apps is a brand new fun and educational iOS game app for iPad, iPhone and iPod for your kids to learn numbers.
Answer 2 Equations – A Challenging Math Game App
Answer 2 Equations, a unique combination of problem-solving and math fluency skills, adapted into a card game format.  For the student who needs to be challenged in math, this is a great app to consider.

Math Mathews – Mental Math, a Fun Way to Sharpen Math Skills,  App Review
Parents who are interested in improving their children’s math fluency (the speed at which a child calculates problems) will definitely be interested in Math Mathews- Mental Math.  This app incorporates solid addition and subtraction practice into a fun video game that will appeal to children 8-11 years old.

Buzzmath – Common Core Aligned Math App for Middle School-App Review
BuzzMath Middle Schoolis for serious math students who need (or want) a well-designed, step-by-step program that reinforces math concepts taught in 6th-8th grades, aligned to Common Core standards.

Top Science Apps for Kids
Kid Weather
Kid Weather is a kid-friendly weather app that can be used for educational purposes or just for fun.

Ansel & Clair: Jurassic Dinosaurs
Join Ansel & Clair on another adventure to explore and learn about the Jurassic dinosaurs in this highly educational app.

3rd Grade Science Reading Comprehension
If you are looking for a Reading Comprehension app with a lot of features (multiple users, reporting and create your own lessons) and are willing to overlook the less than polished interface – this app is for you. Science topics make this a must for the reluctant reader interested in this subject.

Peterson Feeder Birds of North America
Perfect for the little explorers in your home, this app has all kinds of information about a variety of 160 bird species.
Peterson Feeder Birds of North America is one of our featured apps in our At-A-Glance: Outdoor Apps For Kids post and encourages children to learn a ton of information about various types of birds and to use that information out in the field.

Audubon Owls
Audubon Owls is an incredibly informative and innovative way for children to learn about owls and use that knowledge out in nature.

Pettson’s Inventions
Pettson’s Inventions is an incredibly unique and fun app that will help your science lover develop logical thinking skills as they carefully construct interesting inventions. This is one app that is unlike anything I have seen and is both challenging and fun. See how many great inventions you can correctly reconstruct.

Top Geography Apps for Kids
Barefoot Atlas
A really stunning app that allows children to explore an interactive 3D globe. It features the usual gorgeous illustrations you expect from Barefoot Books.
Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island
Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island teaches children through interactive activities about caring for the environment.
With nice quality graphics, sounds and background music this app is a pleasure to play.

Moose and Zebra. – An Educational Geography App
To be perfectly honest, my knowledge base on Sweden is just not that great.  Moose and Zebra have remedied this situation.
In this cute educational app, Moose and Zebrahas found a way to make geography and culture relevant for our youngest.

App News – Lazoo Zoo! Great New App by Lazoo Worldwide
Lazoo the creator top fun, interactive and educational apps such as Let’s Color or Miku’s Picnic has recently released a brand new app Lazoo Zoo, a great animal apps for your little ones.
It easy entertaining, easy to use and your kids will love to discover, feed and meet all the charming zoo critters!

Top Story Apps
for Kids
Narrated Fairy Tales Colouring Book for Kids –  Folktales from Around the World
Narrated Fairy Tale Colouring Book for Kids is a set of folktales from Russia and other countries.
Listen to up to six different tales and colour the main characters on each page.  This app would be nice for families looking to introduce their children to stories from other cultures.

CuddleFish Friends – An underwater story of friendship  – App Review
CuddleFish Friends – An underwater interactive adventure is a cute, interactive storybook about good friends.
Vivid graphics and a cute story line will appeal to the toddlers and preschoolers in your home.  Join these underwater friends in a fun little story.

Terri at the Market – A Story App for Pint-Sized Picky Eaters – Review
I think Terri’s adventures can reframe the discussion about healthy eating and counterbalance some of the negative feelings that vegetables trigger in young children.
The Wagner Files HD – An Interactive Graphic Novel for iPad
The Wagner Files HD by gebrueder beetz filmproduktion is a unique interactive graphic novel featuring a new and exiting way to explore storytelling. Discover Richard Wagner life like never before through a mix of animation, videos, interactive maps, historical letters, music scores, expert interviews and photographs!
Top Draw Apps
for Kids
Imagination Box – colors, shapes, numbers and letters – Top New Creative App by Jump Apps
After Puppet Workshop and Cute Food -Cooking App for kids, it has just released another top one – Imagination Box – colors, shapes, numbers and letters. A brand new app that offers endless possibilities for educational and open-ended creative play.

Colour it Kids
Coloring apps are not new in the App Store, but they remain a favorite for children in the 4-8 year old age range.
I like Color It Kids because it provides detailed coloring pages of famous landmarks and scenes from over 21 different countries.
Included with the pictures are maps, flags, and information pages about the countries and the images that are shown.  Color It Kidsearns a Top Pick from Fun Educational Apps because it blends art, technology, and information into an app that children can enjoy for hours.

Top Language Apps
for Kids
Duo Lingo
A lovely and well designed app that helps you learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English.  Learn new words and phrases easily whilst being tested along the way to reinforce your understanding and your learning. Surprisingly fun and absorbing.

Sorting n Learning 4 Kids – Entertaining concept development app
Sorting n Learning 4 Kids is the newest app from iAbuzz D.O.O.
It promotes development of categorization, the most basic skill for logical thinking.  Using familiar objects from everyday life, this app strengthens your child’s understanding of which things go together and which things don’t.  It also improves functional vocabulary and general language skills.
Verb Challenge Spanish – A Great Alternative to Boring Drills
With the abundance of Spanish classes being offered in schools today, there is a significant need to apply technology to improve the learning process.
Verb Challenge Spanish is a new app that provides traditional verb conjugation exercises in a fast paced game format.
Its comprehensive content and age-neutral settings make it perfect for both primary and intermediate level Spanish language learners age 6-12.
It is the latest Top Pick for Fun Educational Apps.

Top Games/Puzzle Apps for Kids
Minti Kids Animals – A Brand New Animal Matching Game – App Review
This App focuses on matching and puzzle solving.  Children will happily swipe away at the mixed up animal bodies to set the animals back to rights.  With two levels, this app is great for toddlers and preschoolers alike.

Toy Repair Workshop – Top Fun Interactive Game App For Toddlers and Kindergarten
Toy Repair Workshop is another great app by Jump App. Bright, colourful and easy to use it turns your little ones into a toy repair specialist in no time

Monsters Mixer, A Do-it-Yourself Monster Design App Just for Kids, Review
From the opening screen of Monsters Mixer, it’s easy to recognize the entertainment value in this app.  Using zany monster parts to create a one-of –a-kind creature makes Monsters Mixer a good choice for spooky fun this Halloween.
Beside all these there are some other essential educational equipment like digital dictionary, kindle of Amazon which is a small soft library and such like particularly for the high school student or twelve graders.

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