Keep your heart illuminated with the remembrance of Allah

HadithSo remember Me, I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me. (Surah no. 02, verse no.: 152)

Remember Allah Continuously:
Dear brothers and sisters, we know that man’s heart is full of foul and frivolous thoughts, greed, temptations, vices etc., and the remembrance of Allah is the cure of the diseased condition of our hearts.  Therefore, the more we remember Allah the better will be the condition of our hearts, and above all by continuous remembrance we will be able to create the fear of Allah, which serves as a guiding force in our march on the path of Truth, path of Allah. Remembrance of Allah is an act, which brings Divine blessings and also reward. The benefits that accrue from the remembrance of Allah are contentment, blessings, piety, strengthening of faith and abstention from evils and vices.
Keep your heart neat and clean:
Our dearest Prophet sallalahu alaihi wa sallam again and again instructed and advised his companions to keep their hearts always illuminated with the remembrance of Allah. According to him, the heart is the source of good and bad thoughts and deeds and when there is slackness on the part of a believer in the remembrance of Allah bad ideas and thoughts occur in it and ultimately they result in sins or vices. When the remembrance is in abundance, bad thoughts and ideas are suppressed and good ones occur which lead to good deeds. In short, the remembrance of Allah is the happiest and also the wisest of pastime. Its blessings can never be counted and the satisfaction it brings cannot be measured.
As a result, we should always keep ourselves busy in the remembrance of Allah, even while doing our study, work, business and other works. The act of remembrance of Allah will save us from bad thoughts and vices and improve both our spiritual and worldly lives.
Md. Moshiur Rahman

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