Be aware of injustice!

Be aware! if anybody does any injustice to any captive or deprives him of his rights or impose any work on him which he is unable to do, or snatches any goods from him forcing, I will speak for the captive on the Day of Judgment.
(Abu Daud)

Justice and humanity for all:
Dear readers, regarding the question of justice and humanity all citizens of a country are equal. The country has to protect one’s fundamental rights, rights of humanity and rights of freedom of choice. No torture or injustice can be done to the Muslims or non-Muslims. Neither any harm can be done to their religion, life, wealth and self-respect. Their religion must not be neglected.
Consider every people as human being:
There should be no obstacles on performing activities as per guidelines of religion. We should behave well with the people who are fond of performing religious activities to make Allah happy. They should be shown tolerance and sympathy. If we oppress them, hurt those, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) will not recommend us on the Day of Judgment. And if our Prophet does not recommend any one of us, we will surely be destroyed. Therefore, we will love all people. We should consider every people not by their religion but as human being and thus maintain good relationship with them.
Peace exists with the combined efforts:
Our society comprises people of all kinds, for example: rich and poor, black and white, sick and sound, Muslims and non-Muslims etc. Peace exists with the combined efforts of everybody. If there is no unity and cooperation among all people, no society can develop. So love, kindness and sympathy for mankind are necessity. Islam has really given emphasis on these qualities.

Md. Moshiur Rahman

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