London Olympics Plot to Take over the World!

Redwan bin Abdul Baten

When Wenlock and Mandeville, the official mascots of the London Olympic Games, were unveiled to the world, the general reaction was one of bemusement. These stumpy, one-eyed, metallic-skinned creatures, the organizers explained, had formed out of stray drops of molten steel during the construction of the Olympic stadium, but most of the public and media simply interpreted them as aliens. What do monocular extraterrestrials have to do with the Olympics?Some time earlier, the 2012 Olympic logo was greeted with a similar mix of derision and puzzlement. Jaded observers passed off these designs as sorry reflections of the state of British creativity, but a small minority had a very different answer: we were being primed for the establishment of the New World Order, by means of the greatest hoax in history.
Even in conspiracy-theory terms, the London Olympics plot is a difficult one to swallow, but that hasn’t stopped a credulous minority from gulping it down. You’ll find them on cult conspiracy blogs such as Red Ice Creations, Godlike Productions and Above Top Secret, or even making their own video presentations on YouTube. The basic scenario goes something like this: while the world’s eyes are on London in 2012, a spectacular alien invasion will take place at the Olympic stadium. Or so the public will think; it will actually be a hoax invasion, orchestrated by the New World Order as an excuse to stage a global coup d’etat. Terrified by the appearance of aliens, the world’s populace will surrender their civil liberties, and “they” – a vague array of elite cliques such as the Bilderberg group, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and dynasties such as the English royal family, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds – will have smoothly achieved their goal of a single world government, economy and religion. It sounds like a cross between Dan Brown, the X-Files and Watchmen, but believers insist this stuff is real.
The evidence for such a plot is vague: exhibit A is the 2012 Olympic logo. Rearrange the four angular numerals of the bizarre design, the theorists say, and it really spells “zion”. There’s even a dot to go over the “i”. This is a sign that “they” plan to build the New Jerusalem right here in England. Others have found the logo to resemble the notorious Swastika, in a slightly distorted form. Designed by Wolff Olins, the logo was unveiled on 4 June 2007 and cost £400,000. The designer himself had been branded as working as part of ‘them’ as he had previous ties with Zionist business farms.
In February 2011, Iran complained that the logo appeared to spell out the word “Zion” and threatened to boycott the Olympics. Iran submitted its complaint to the International Olympic Committee, describing the logo as “racist”, asking that it be withdrawn and the designers be “confronted”. The IOC “quietly” rejected the demands, and Iran announced it would not boycott the Games.
The next giveaway is the street names around the Olympic site: Great Eastern Road, Carpenter’s Road, Angel Lane, Temple Mills Lane, Church Road – don’t they all seem a little biblical? Isn’t it strange that such a large patch of land has stood undeveloped in London all this time?
It goes on: Prince William is the obvious choice for king of this New Jerusalem because of his royal bloodline, his birthday (the 21 June – the summer solstice) and the fact that he will be 30 years old in 2012, the year of the 30th Olympiad, or XXX in roman numerals. Numerology counts for a lot in these circles. And as for the fake UFO invasion, the theorists note the closing ceremony of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, in which a flying saucer landed in the stadium and an alien walked out and waved to the crowd. The staged spectacle, in which a blacked-out military helicopter lowered a model spaceship by cable into the Coliseum, did not prompt mass panic, but it has been interpreted as a warm-up. The advocates of “London Zion”, as the theory has become known, have been poring over London Olympics promotional videos and finding a lot of suspicious symbolism in them – flying saucers and other spaceship-like objects, lights in the skies, stadiums in flames, all-seeing eyes. Then Wenlock and Mandeville came along and the theory really had legs, albeit stumpy alien ones.

Wenlock and Mandeville are animations depicting two drops of steel from a steelworks in Bolton. They are named Wenlock, after the Shropshire town of Much Wenlock, which held a forerunner of the current Olympic Games, and Mandeville, after Stoke Mandeville, a village in Buckinghamshire where a forerunner to the Paralympic Games were first held. The writer Michael Morpurgo wrote the story concept to the mascots. Two stories have been created about the mascots: Out Of A Rainbow, the story of how Wenlock and Mandeville came to be, and Adventures On A Rainbow, which features the children from Out Of A Rainbow meeting the mascots and trying out many different Olympic and Paralympic sports.
With a metallic finish, a single large eye made out of a camera lens, a London taxi light on their heads and the Olympic rings represented as friendship bracelets on their wrists, they resemble characters dreamed up for a Pixar animation. All this is very childish, except for the one eye that raises the heart rate of a conspiracy theorist to bursting levels. The one eye has always been depicted as the all Seeing Eye, the symbol of dajjal or any form of satanic oversight of the events shaping the world.
Now, let’s shed some light on one of the major FACTS that has so enthusiastically contributed to the building up of the conspiracy theories. In 1995, the Texas based game developer Steve Jackson developed his best selling game “Illuminati: The New World Order’. The game is based on Illuminati history and literature. In the game you have to participate as a member of the secret society and attack and destroy many famous sites of the world. A total of 125 cards depict the different events that lead up to the creation of the famous Illuminati New World Order.
These are two of the cards in the game. As you can very clearly see, the cards are showing the destruction of the Twin Towers and the attack on the Pentagon. Of course, both these events took place back on 9/11, 2001. Strange right? Remember, the cards were released on 1995.
Now, here is the card that is raising the eyebrows of a lot of people. In the first picture, one can clearly identify the falling tower as the Big Ben of London. What does this mean? An explosion blowing out the Big Ben! Let’s have a closer look at the 5 people running away from the scene. Have a look at the color they are wearing. Red, blue, black, green and yellow…the colors of the Olympic ring! How’s that for a coincidence!
It’s not over yet. The design of the Olympic torch also raises questions. It’s a first of its kind design except for the triangle which so boldly resembles the pyramid of the illuminati’s. The triangle has long been depicted as the epitome of the illuminati’s, as can be found in the US Dollar note. The triangle brings back into attention the historical lineage of the illuminati. As far as history goes, the pharaohs’ of Egypt were part of the global scheme of the illuminati, which after the destruction of the Egyptian empire, moved to England and became part of the English royalty.
All these incidents, combined with the blunt denial of the Olympics Committee of any existence of such a hoax have increased, rather than pacifying the tension of the conspiracy theorists. Unsurprisingly, the London Olympics organizers deny all knowledge of the conspiracy. “Since we launched the logo in 2007, many people have passed comment on it and have suggested it resembles different shapes or characters,” a spokesperson says. “This is a new one on us. The logo represents the figure 2012, nothing else.” The conspiracy theory is far from cast-iron: you could make the word “zion” out of the numbers 2,0, 1 and 2 however you designed them. And while some of the road names around the site might sound biblical, the ones that don’t, such as Pudding Mill Lane, have been conveniently omitted.
All this said, the London Olympics surely has caught the EYE of the world. Whether one believes in the conspiracy theories or not, the theoreticians are connecting the dots and creating new theories every day. Only time will tell which of these theories become a reality and which of them remain as the hoaxes. ‘London’s calling…”

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