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1.    What is the number of days in Islamic Calendar?
a) 304    b) 354
c) 365    d) 366

2. Which throne was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan?
a) Chrysanthemum throne    b) Rose throne
c) Peacock throne    d) Elephant throne

3.    How many players are there in a baseball team?
a) Nine    b) Eleven
c) Ten    d) Tewlve

4. In which country was Buddha born?
a) Nepal    b) India
c) Tibet    d) China

5. Who wrote Akbar Nama?
a) Akbar    b) Birbal
c) Abul Fazl    d) Tansen

6. Which sura is considered as 1/3 of Holy Quran?
a) Sura Yeasin    b) Sura Tauheed
c) Sura Fatifa    d) Sura Ar-Rahman

7. Which is the non-contagious disease that is the most common in the world?
a) Cancer    b) Diabetics
c) AIDS    d) Tooth Decay

8. What is it that makes soda/coke water fizz?
a) Carbon Dioxide    b) Caffeine
c) Hydro-choric acid    d) Hydrozen

9. Complete this proverb: The end justifies ………
a) The result    b) The outcome
c) The means    d) The success

10. World Environment Day is observed on
a) 26th May    b) 5th June
c) 5th July    d) 15th June
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