Two Poems by Mehbub H Chowdhury


It is really hard to live alone,
So,want to keep in touch with the friends.
Remove all kinds of sorrows and sufferings,
Just enter the wrong room’s doors with joyful feelings.
Friends do not live alone without yours accompanies.
Want to do fun in yours love.
If yours trust in wrong things,
I will still remain in false matters.
This is the high time to do right things about the wrong thing.
Have no afraid, Just have the shyness of love,
Besides, we shall together sing love song.


One angel is standing beside a sea,
Have any one see her with mind blowing watch?
Have ever given your sight on her own eyes?
Find out the sleeping dreams in her mind.
Or throw the jokes symbol.
Just for this, get any kind of greatest thing.
Have any happiness find from your mind?
Or, happiness aside the sorrows,
Sorrows take the place on our own eyes.
Or, have one thing inside of your happiness and sorrows?
Just for this get any kind of secret peach,
Or remove any kind of sorrowful tried.

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