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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Hope you are fine. We like to be hopeful and the whole world also wants to be hopeful about everything including a Palestinian state. Palestinians along with the downtrodden people of the world are looking forward to the outcomes of the Palestinians’ UN bid for recognition as a fully-fledged state. Fever grips not only the Palestinians and the Arabs but the every Muslim of the world. Hoping that their UN bid will not be hope against hope we are running the cover story of this issue on Palestine. The United States, failing to stop voting in United Nations General Assembly, will not veto in United Nations Security Council.

Dear subscribers

Seemingly the whole world, particularly Muslim world, is experiencing social, economic and political crisis. No one knows what would be the outcome of the Arab Spring. We are afraid about the fate of the 700 crore people of the world as the concentration of wealth goes on unabated among over one crore crorepatis (34 lakh in US, 33 lakh in Asia and 32 lakh in Europe).

See you soon if not media is further gagged.

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