Dear readers
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.
In response to the nuclear and other jeopardy in Japan we are running an article on the nuclear energy debate which will frame the cover story of this issue. The cover story is beefed up with pictures of their plight, making it easy on the eyes. Apart from that we are also publishing a photo gallery with a good number of pictures on Japanese disaster. Hope you will be deeply moved by the plight of your Japanese brothers and sisters when the Youth Wave reaches you.

Dear subscribers
But we are afraid that you will equally be moved by the plight of the common Libyans killed by the coalition forces certainly with the support of those Japanese. Before the US invasion of Iraq the then president Saddam Hussen thought that Russia and China will use their veto powers to stop the aggression. But none of them came forward in the precipitating danger of Iraqis. In the same way Muammar Gaddafi relied on his so-called friends like Russia, China and Italy but the friends betrayed, paving the way for the US-led coalition to kill civilians in the name of democratising and saving them. Probably Saddam killed more or less six thousand of his men but the coalition forces killed more that six lakhs. In a similar way dictator Colonel Gaddafi might have killed several thousand of his African bros and sis but the coalition force can’t kill several lakhs in the name of punishing the Gaddafi. Killing on the pretext of saving is killing. Pre-emptive attack is also amounts to attack. If killings of civilians by the coalition forces in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are not crime against humanity then we ask the West ‘What is crime against humanity?’ We condemn all the killings and trial of all the killers.
Hope soon there will be an end to coalition forces’ war, death, destruction, conspiracy and starving in Asian-African-LatAm countries. If killing goes on maybe someday even those, who believe in pacifism and non-violent resistance, might grow violent in their protests.
See you soon inshaallah. n

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