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Scientists Take First Picture of Thunder

For the first time, scientists have precisely captured a map of the boisterous bang radiating from a lightning strike. The work could reveal the energies involved in powering some of nature’s flashiest light shows. As electric current rapidly flows from a negatively charged cloud to the ground below, the lightning...


The Future of Voice-Activated AI

For decades science fiction movies have been imagining the future as one where humans talk to machines just as naturally as they speak to family and friends. In reality, however, using voice to interact with machines has been maddeningly frustrating, with Siri often mistaking “open up my email” for “look...


Ocean Animals Have Bulked Up Since Ancient Eras

Size of marine creatures averages 150 times bigger than 540 million years ago Marine animals have become much bigger over time, scientists report February 20 in Science. This finding lends evidence to Cope’s rule, which states that animals often evolve to be larger than their distant ancestors. The hypothesis takes...


Getting in Touch with Touch

Salman Next time you open a door and close it behind you, try this quick test. While the door is open, put your hand on the doorknob. Close your eyes. Now, gently push the door shut. Were you able to do it? If so, good job! You might have found...


Retrospective of An Iranian Artist

The Davis Museum at Wellesley College presents the first comprehensive retrospective exhibition of the Iranian artist Parviz Tanavoli to be mounted by a U.S. museum. An opening celebration, featuring a talk with the artist, will be held on Tuesday, February 10, 2015. On view through June 7, 2015 the exhibition...


Rewritable paper : Prints with light, not ink

A new type of paper can be used and reused up to 20 times. What’s more, it doesn’t require any ink. Its designers think that this new technology could cut down on tons of waste — and save people tons of money. A special dye embedded in the paper makes...


6 Ways To Prolong Laptop Battery Life

For all that batteries do to power the devices we use every day that make our lives easier, most people don’t know a lot about the technology. Laptop batteries in particular are annoying and expensive to replace: here are 6 ways you can prolong the life of your laptop battery....


A Wake-Up Call?

Diya Whether you know it or not, global warming affects our lives everyday. The sudden drizzling from time to time or the incredible rate at which our Igloos melt are all consequences of this earthly phenomenon. Bangladesh – irrespective of how tiny it may look in the atlas – has...


The nose knows a trillion odors

Scent tests show precision of human olfactory power In the movie Roxanne, Steve Martin plays a lovesick guy who mocks his own huge schnoz by declaring: “It’s not the size of a nose that’s important. It’s what’s in it that matters.” Scientists demonstrated the surprising truth behind that joke this...


Websites Student Needs To Know

College and university students now spend most of their time on a single website- Mobile users do not even bother about the website. They have their ‘app’ on their cell phone. No need to type the web address in the address bar. But if you are really serious about...


Things That Pose A Threat To Online Privacy

Tech news is continually abuzz with security warnings, hack updates, and consumer warnings. Malicious individuals can steal your identity, hijack your accounts, spend your funds, and discover sensitive personal data when you don’t keep your online activity in check. Enough is Enough, an Internet safety organization funded by the U.S....


Dropbox Alternatives with More Storage

Technology advances faster and faster by the day. Not that long ago American society was introduced to “the cloud” and now we’ve quickly become a cloud-based world. Remember when Gmail launched and introduced a free GB of email storage space, roughly 500 times more than Hotmail, their nearest competitor? At...

Vehicles were printed in just two days in Chicago, then New York

3-D printers are making cars!

On a Saturday morning earlier this September, the world got its first look at the Strati. This electric vehicle is unlike any other currently on the road. It rolls on four wheels, but its body and chassis weren’t built in a factory. Instead, Strati’s designers used a technology called 3-D...


Stunning Wearable Tech

With Apple diving into the wearable tech industry with the Apple Watch, truly portable technology is an exploding topic. While several different companies offer watches that sync with your smart phone, almost all of them provide similar perks. Additionally, the better known wearable tech pieces look nearly identical. While smart...

Five Places to Find Post Ideas 0

Five Places to Find Post Ideas

Coming up with great post ideas is rarely an easy task. Unfortunately, it’s also not a task that you can really afford to rush. If you want your blog to actually stand out, writing about the first thing that comes into your head is kind of counterproductive. After all, a...

Whale Watch 0

Whale Watch

Farhana Zaman It doesn’t matter how seasick people may feel. When a whale appears, nothing else matters, says whale researcher Steve Palumbi. “Everyone—from 5 to 95 years old—rushes to the side of the boat.” “Whales have that effect on people,” Palumbi adds. He’s a biology professor at Stanford University.

Mummies existed before Egypt’s pyramids 0

Mummies existed before Egypt’s pyramids

Mummy-making in Egypt may have been common long before communities stored their dead in giant stone tombs Ancient Egyptians started building pyramids more than 4,500 years ago. By then, people were already preserving the dead as mummies. In fact, new research now suggests mummies may predate those giant stone tombs...

Free Microsoft Office Alternatives 0

Free Microsoft Office Alternatives

There are so many free Microsoft Office alternatives out there that you won’t even miss having the real thing. And with the more than $200 price tag of Microsoft Office, your pocketbook won’t miss it either. These free Microsoft Office alternatives will let you download similar versions of Microsoft Word,...

Star-eating star spotted 0

Star-eating star spotted

SNACK TIME  Thorne-?ytkow Objects probably start out as binary stars, shown in this illustration. A supergiant eventually engulfs its neutron star companion (right). A star in a neighboring galaxy might have swallowed another star.

10 Google Docs Features You Probably Never Knew 0

10 Google Docs Features You Probably Never Knew

After three years of using a Chromebook and being a student at university for almost one year, Google Drive is a must to master and something that I would never missed out on learning. Here are some super cool tricks that will get you word processing like a professional now...