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Killing cat on Honeymoon Night 0

Killing cat on Honeymoon Night

Md. Hafijur Rahman Continued from Previous Issue Ala and Bhola ate nothing for two days. The wet clothes dried on their body. They wandered here and there in the forest but did not get anything to eat. They were almost dying out of hunger. They passed the night on a...

Killing cat on Honeymoon Night 0

Killing cat on Honeymoon Night

Md. Hafijur Rahman Continued from Previous Issue A  few months elapsed. The marriage proposal of Ala was conveyed to the lady. She was very happy but did not share her feelings with anybody else. One day she took Ala and Bhola to visit her agricultural land. Their teacher Shishama accompanied...

Wings 0


Kazi Falguni Eshita I met Shaina when I was seven years old. I was in the hospital for dehydration when I first saw her. At first, her sickly, milk-white skin and the black circles around her eyes frightened me, but I wanted to know why she looked like that. I...

I Wanna Fly 1

I Wanna Fly

Kazi Falguni Eshita.. “Ramiza, get my plough, I have a lot of work today”, Firoz told his wife. “Finish your breakfast first; I’m preparing tea for you.” Ramiza answered softly, pouring tea in two little cups.

Killing cat on honeymoon night 0

Killing cat on honeymoon night

Md. Hafijur Rahman.. The earth seems foreign to him who does not have parents. It happened the same to Ala. Whatever ate he, appeared insipid, wherever he cast his eyes,

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Kazi Falguni Eshita Beams of light began to crack the curtain of darkness. The sun was about to break over the horizon. Roosters thronged around a little pile of grains. Ducks quacked on their way to the pond.

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Md Azmain Amin “I promise I will return, mother. I promise by your love” The last words of Shafkat reverberated in Shimul’s head. How long since she last saw her precious son, her sole reason for survival? How long since she tightly wrapped her arms around his small framed body?...



Kazi Falguni Eshita Ring…! The bell sounded extremely loud. Children ran out of the various classrooms, happily chatting with friends. “I love recess! Don’t you?” Tania asked her friend Sonia. “Same here.” Sonia replied. “So, what shall we play?” Nadia asked.

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Kazi Falguni Eshita Tick Tock, Tick Tock… The round pendulum oscillated continuously. A slender female figure could be seen standing outside an open window. A soft breeze ran past her long, silky hair. She stood still, enjoying the rhythmic songs of the sparrows and the soft spring breeze.

Raju, the Curious Child 0

Raju, the Curious Child

Hafijur Rahman “What is a galakata, grandma? Is he very bad?” “Well, a galakata is a very terrible person. He appears to be a simple man like anybody else in our society. He keeps hiding in the jute field. And whenever he finds any kid close at hands, he catches...

Blooming Rose 0

Blooming Rose

Kazi Falguni Eshita The smiling, light green leaves danced with the spring wind. Magpies whistled sweetly, jumping from branch to branch. A fresh, pink rose winked through the window, casting a perfumed spell, with its magical smell.