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Two Poems by Mehbub H Chowdhury 0

Two Poems by Mehbub H Chowdhury

Friends It is really hard to live alone, So,want to keep in touch with the friends. Remove all kinds of sorrows and sufferings,

My Son 0

My Son

Nanziba Jaheen Apshara Waiting for my son in the bus stand everyday, Roads filled with cars & people. Often I look at his picture & cry! No phone calls since he left me in old homage! Getting older & weaker!

Regret for Lost time 1

Regret for Lost time

Whatever have I lost Is my valuable time Whatever have I got Is not mine. Whatever should I’ve done I did, of them, none. I spent a vast time in vain Now I regret for the cause of my pain I’ve done whatever should I not Now I’m undone, I...

Mohammad (pbuh) 0

Mohammad (pbuh)

Mohammad (pbuh) is an excellent messenger Faithful friend and most admirer. Our great commander High leader He is the best And praised Merciful informer. We love the custom of prophet Because, He is bright lamp selected Mohammad (sm) is an ominous The great man, world famous Follow the sunnah of...

Eid Poems 0

Eid Poems

Eid Fair M A Rahim Eid means fair Eid is dear Today is delight Here and there. Beggar and Millionaire Embrace each other Today we’re together Today is our join-fair. Thou have given much cheer With love and tender And fulfilled our desire Without hesitation and fear. Adorable moon presage...