Guilty Eye – Golam Kibria

Guilty Eye - Golam Kibria“Hey, Nida, ” Kezban tried to catch my face. But I acted like nothing happened. At last kezban crossed the road and grabbed my hand. 
“Why avoiding us? ” Oh Eda is also with her. I didn’t notice her before. Kezban and Nida are my friends.
“I’d better be going, I am late, ” I murmured. I pointed their gloomy faces as I told something disappointed. 
It’s almost 10 at night when I finally reached the bar. I took some cocaine and danced with the ballerina. At a sudden moment an addicted boy like me tried to touch me. I punched him. Against me he was a duck soup and I am a karate expert. I reached home when it was 4 at the morning. I slept all the day and missed my prayers and classes. 
Kezban came to my house and wanted to know whether I am okay or not. Firstly, I tried not to share with her and I lied. She looked at my eyes and said, “Nida be frank and truthful. “
Kezban can read the eyes I assume. No one can easily boo her. 
“If something going wrong, share with me. You’ll feel ease. Happiness is when shared. “
Kezban always speaks like a philosopher. We call her the lady philosopher in the class. 
I suddenly felt comfortable as old dresses to share with her everything. 
“Kezban I am taking drugs”
“What!” She shouted as if I punched her. My punches are the best in our class.”Why the hell are you engaging with these stuffs? ” She stammered. 
“As to quench my curiosity.”
“You are ruining your life. “
I felt like she is rabbiting on about this thing. As for her philosophical character she understood that I am getting annoyed by her advice. 
“Come to the path of light before it’s getting too late. ” She said and left. 
Days went on and I left my studies. I was getting skinny. One day my parents took me to the doctor. I was informed that I have HIV virus. I realized as I took drugs with unhygienic injection, I got this scary virus. 
I suddenly screamed and with sweating I opened my eyes and saw Eda in front of me asking what happened. Eda is my roommate. 
I was suddenly thought about my drug addict friends of my class. We caught them with drugs many days by never advised them not to take that. I am now drowning with shameful guilty. 
I was sweating and my nightmare frightened me. I ran from my room and told kezban that we should open a club to spread the light of peace. I didn’t share about my nightmare. She agreed. 
We started the club and many of the students of our school joined on it. Our motto is “Say no to drugs. “
We are counseling our drug addict friends and some also get recovered. Sometimes I think of that dream and thank to the Almighty. Suddenly I remembered, “He is the best planners”. He opened my guilty eye.

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