Editorial – Jun’2019

Dear subscribers

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Hope you are keeping well. We are all impacted by leadership and everyone has the opportunity to take the lead; hence we all need leadership and the preconditions that make a leader. Leadership involves ubiquitous, recognizable set of normal and common activities that support and assist the fellows. As crisis creates opportunity, so a problem-plagued planet is teeming with the possibilities of creating leaders. People look for an appropriate leader for them to follow. The Minions too searched high and low for a perfect leader and end up following a great spy-turned demagogue Felonious Gru and their search for leadership didn’t cost them anything dear. Like Minion the movie ‘How Train Your Dragon’ also relates to the theme of finding the finest leader and it never mattered whether it is a king or queen dragon alphas or massive or smaller in size. So we are running an article on leadership. The writers have cherry-picked some leaders to substantiate their issue.

Hope you will like the article.

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