Dear readers
Assalamu alaikum. Hope you are keeping well with your life without much depending on machine. We also guess your home is not automated or controlled by artificial intelligence. You are still blessed being human with all human emotions and feelings. But we are afraid things may change for worse devoid of natural touches.
Dear subscribers of YW
When unemployment is a centerpiece or catch phrase which is resonated highly or well-focused in manifestos of political parties across the planet, then investing in automation which will devoid the production process of human touch. There is an upbeat narrative that if the production process can get rid of human touch the products will be safer health-friendly. Data-based decision making project or artificial intelligence, AI, is most likely to help the human but it may also make human brain idle as well. Once upon a time, leaders used to memorize hundreds of telephone numbers in brain but that old days of taking the pain to memorizing the contact numbers have disappeared. This very narrative is paving the way for automation of industries.
It can easily be perceived that e-cigarette project was funded by a cigar company. May be a PhD degree or degrees were awarded to person or persons who developed the product and made its’ marketing viable and profitable.
Engineer of the product is also liable to make it user-friendly, greatly gratifying the consumers. There are other engineers or academicians mostly unorganised who go on siding with anti-tobacco campaigners and wait for the slimmest chance to have anti-tobacco research offer if there is any. Being at a crossroads of positive and negative researches in the giant science laboratories that’s why we are running a cover story on good and bad automation.
Hope you will like take a little pain to read the story which is a bit hard.

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