Manifesting the Unseen

Manifesting the UnseenBringing together an international group of emerging Muslim women artists ‘Manifesting the Unseen’ invites the viewer to see the unseen, challenging their perceptions of Islam and Muslim women.Manifesting the Unseen
The exhibition which is based at Broadway Market in Hackney showcases the talents of 11 Muslim women artists whose works include Islamic geometry, illumination, calligraphy and photography.
Alongside the visual arts, and in keeping with the rich tradition of poetry in the Muslim world, ‘Manifesting the Unseen’ also invites a series of established and emerging women poets to construct a series of poems inspired by the artworks and performed at a recital as one of a series of events offered as part of the exhibition. The exhibition will also feature a panel discussion with the artists and a series of free workshops throughout the month offering the public the chance to learn about and practice Islamic geometry, painting, illumination and calligraphy.Manifesting the Unseen
Funded by the Arts Council England and with the assistance of crowdfunding ‘Manifesting the Unseen’ is the brainchild of exhibition curator and poet Nazia Mirza. She explains, “The idea for this exhibition came about following a discussion with friends on the invisibility of marginalised identities in public space and how for many in the West, Islamic art remains a hidden treasure.Manifesting the Unseen
We want to introduce new audiences to the rich tradition and heritage of art and poetry in the Muslim world and share its modern cultural expression both with other Muslims and the wider community.
We hope that by creating moments of shared cultural experience we can challenge and dismantle stereotypes about Muslim women and help people to appreciate the beauty in our heritage.”

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