Dear Readers

Assalamu alaikum.

Hope this issue of the Youth Wave will find you in good health and mind. For good health and mind you need to do physical exercise. Martial art is a good way of physical exercise. Self-defence is not only an innate  behaviour of the human but of all living beings. Every living being needs to learn the tactics of defending itself so do the Bangladeshis. There are different types of techniques of self-defence across the planet. In schools boys and girls have to learn it apart from their study. But Bangladeshi educational institutions are failing to groom the kids physically which is resulting in obesity. The absence of local art of physical exercise or indigenous martial art foreign methods of self-defence are making inroads into the country. So to check the invasion of foreign methods of fitness programmes our schools should nurture indigenous culture of Boli khela or Kabadi or govt should shoulder the responsibility to develop Bengali kind of martial art upholding the local values. Bangladesh army can come forward to help schools through government project to teach martial art to students what we can call our own. Hope you will like the cover which features this topic.

Allah Hafez.

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