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I was completely amazed when I first learned about the tribe "Sentinlese".I was completely amazed when I first learned about the tribe “Sentinlese”. It was some days ago when I saw a news about a Christian missionary being killed by an untouched tribe named “Sentinlese”. What amazed me more was the fact that many tribes like “Sentinlese” still exists in the 21st century around the world.  
Uncontacted people, also referred to as isolated people or lost tribes, are communities who live, or have lived, either by choice (people living in voluntary isolation) or by circumstance, without significant or first contact with greater civilization. Few people have remained totally separated by modern civilization. In 2013, it was estimated that there were more than 100 isolated tribes around the world, mostly in the densely forested areas of South America and New Guinea.

The Sentinlese : The Sentinlese, also known as the North Sentinel Islanders, are an indigenous  people who inhabit  North Sentinel Island the Bay of Bengal in India as North Sentinel Island is part of the Andaman Islands . They are considered one of the world’s last uncontacted people. Unlike other tribes in the Andaman Islands, the Sentinelese didn’t appear to have consistently accepted any interaction with the outside world. They are hostile to outsiders and have killed people who approached or landed on the island. As an isolated group, they likely lack immunity to common viruses, such as influenza and measles. For both the inhabitants’ protection and the safety of outsiders, it is against Indian law to travel within 3 miles (4.8 km) of the island. You may wonder, what is more dangerous for human beings, a simple flu or a tsunami? If you say tsunami, I’m 100% sure that the Sentinlese will disagree. 
Mashco-piro tribe : Through the jungles of Peru, a tour group found itself face to face with members of an unknown tribe. Everything was captured. The tribe tried to communicate with the tourists but since the tribesmen didn’t know either Spanish or English, they soon gave up and left them where they’d found them. After inspecting the tape Peruvian authorities realized that the tour group had stumbled upon one of the few remaining tribes unknown to anthropologists. Scientists had known about their existence and had been searching for them for years without success.

The Surma people : The Surma tribe of Ethiopia avoided all Western contact for years. The Surma lived in groups of a few hundred and carried on with their humble cattle ranching for centuries while colonization, World Wars, and struggles for independence were going on all around them. The first people to hold a conversation with the Surma people were a few Russian doctors in the 1980s, thought by the tribesmen to be walking dead because of their skin colour. The culture of Surma tribes majorly involves piercing a wooden plate right below the lip as a symbol of beauty. The piercing is carried out on a girl’s ears when she is in her puberty. So, we can say that beauty standards for girls were always pretty weird. Men scar their body with blades and thrones when they kill the rival tribes as symbol of pride.

The Amazon Tribes : The Brazilian government has been trying to find out how many people live in the isolated Amazon regions, for reasons of population control. In 2007, a routine low-flying photo operation suddenly came under fire by arrows shot from the bows of a previously unknown tribe. And then in 2011, a satellite sweep managed to find a few specks in a corner of the jungle no one thought was habitable: it turns out that the specks were people.

The New Guinea Tribe : The New Guinea Tribes are commonly recognized as the “Papuan Tribes”, which is one of the most isolated tribe in the islands of New Guinea. There are about 312 and above tribal groups in and around the New Guinea Island, but the Papuan Tribes have not approached the modern society till date. Some of the tribal groups are very violent that mainly involves in cannibalism. The New Guinea Tribes look unique in terms of appearance, however tracking them is highly impossible. There have been many attempts to track the tribal community but were unsuccessful. The reports allegedly notify that the tribes catch the intruders and produce the cannibalism on the victims.I was completely amazed when I first learned about the tribe "Sentinlese".

Ayoreo Totobiegosode : The Ayoreo tribe is also known as “Ayoreode”, majority of whom reside in Bolivia and Paraguay with a mere population of about 5000 people. Totobiegosode, meaning “People from the place of wild pigs”, are the most isolated ones when compared to other Ayoreo tribes. Foreigners invaded the areas of Totobiegosode for the first time in 1940s, which led to a sudden outbreak of war between them that caused causalities on both the ends. The livelihood of Totobiegosode has gone really very hard due to the Brazilian firm, who are constantly chopping the forest and other constructions built by them.

The Zoe : The Zoe is a very small tribal community with a count of about 100, residing deep in the Amazon rainforest of northern Brazil. The tribal group has never approached the outside world till date for the survival and their territory is highly protected with tribal guards from being invaded by intruders. Due to unfortunate outburst of deadly disease amongst the group in 1987, the Zoe tribes had to get in touch with the outside in search for ailment. The tribes look typically unique, which involve a pierced wooden piece tucked below the individual’s lip to show as a symbol of Zoe community. Their primary food during summer being monkey as the numbers are drastically high and during winter would manioc- a root plant.
So, maybe you’re proud of the fact that you still haven’t updated to Facebook Timeline or started a Twitter account, or that you still read all of your books on paper. But no matter how hard you swim against the mainstream, there are some groups out there who will always top your anachronistic stubbornness — groups that have managed to avoid pretty much all of civilization. And these tribes are just few of them.

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