The Other Side of Hope । Muhammad Saifuddin

The Other Side of Hope“Using comedy to chase away the despair of modern life, the other side of hope is a throughly satisfying and distinctively lovable film” – said one of the reviewers of this film Patric Gamble of Cinevue.
Sometimes, when we open the newspaper or scroll down the newsfeed of Social media, we see far right activists demanding for the drive away of Immigrants. At the same time, we witness counter movement in support of Immigrants as well. It’s like Immigrants are ‘the talk of the day’.
There have been made some films concerning IMMIGRATION, immigrants, their daily life and the treatment they receive everyday from their surroundings. I was watching a movie by the same the issue titled “the other side of hope”
This movie is made based on the word “Friendship”. It portrays friendship among various immigrants and two Finland citizens. Some of us have a belief that friendship can only be made among the same category that also includes nationality. But somehow, this movie tries to break that stereotype belief that has been dominating for a very long time. At the same time, it breaks away the dogma that “Immigrants are bad, evil and enemy for a host country”. In this film, it attempts to show what it feels like to be a refugee and seeking shelter in a foreign country where everything and everyone is unknown. How hard can it be is beyond our imagination. Because thanks to Allah that we have a country which is independent. Though it’s fille with various problems including politics, economy and other aspects of society, this country is very fortunate that it has a very strong and powerful young generation like you. A future that most of the countries don’t own or can’t even imagine. You have already shown your worth several times.
Sorry for deriving away from the topic. Sorry for deriving away from the topic. We were talking about a movie, Right? Okay, this movie is a portrayal of universal Love and friendship. It gives you a massage throughout the movie that if you have love in your heart, all the problems that you see around will be more tolerable. The director of this beautiful film is Aki Kaurismäki who has directed a long list of famous films. But this one exceeds all of them. It has won several awards as well. So, if you have time and wont, watch this movie and spread the love all around you.

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