Let and Let Not । Muhammad Saifuddin

Let the wind be blown over you so that you can
At times feel the warmth of a cold wind.
Let the water that is coming from the sewage
Touch you so that at times you can know what odor is.
Let the harsh words go over into your understanding
So that at some points, you can feel love.
Let yourself miss the bus so that
You feel the presence of waiting.
Sometimes let yourself be read by someone
So that you can be interpreted like a scripture.
Let yourself be covered with anonymous dust now and then,
So that people can come and take sample to probe it later.
Let your voice sing an unknown song
So that the lover die searching for the meaning.
Let yourself be covered with rain on occasion,
So that your dripping hair can be exhausted by the sun.
And don’t let your heart fall in love
‘Cause it will not die in the following moment.

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