Editorial- 2019 JANUARY

Dear subscribers
Assalamu alaikum. Hope you are keeping well by the grace of almighty Allah. Against the backdrop of the world with full of challenges for us we are running a cover story on drug peddling and addiction. Major drug suppliers for Bangladesh includes its neighbouring countries like India and Myanmar. The drug pliers of these countries are hatching conspiracies to destroy the sons and daughters of the soil. So it has become one of the imperatives of Bangladesh to know why more and more people are getting drug addict day by day. And there is no denying of the fact that people are getting drug addict and peddlers because it is available at hand and also because the social, educational, moral awareness on drug is very little. Now it is a question whether Bangladeshis can stay safe and live a peaceful life without being drug addict. There should be a way out on the part of drug victims, drug pliers and the state to know how can we get rid of the curse of yaba and phensidyl. Bangladesh needs to know which nation could shrug off the danger of drug peddling, addiction and manage the menace successfully. Ignorance about the dangers and the way to manage the alcoholism and drug addiction may collude the collapse of the country. So it is time for the people to know how Portugal could be partially successful in managing the drug menace. Bangladesh can also learn from the management of alcoholism of the Arabs during the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The way the great man and his disciples contained the trouble should be a must-read for Bangladesh as well as the nations like the Philippines, Columbia, Mexico. Hope you will like the article.
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