Beauty and nature । Golam Kibria

Last night I was with my pen
To describe the beauty of natures fame.
How often I’ve been working here
At my old desk till she appeared,
And over papers, notes and books
I caught, my beloved friend, your looks.

Full lunar light, that you might stare
The last time now on my despair!
Oh, that’s up on a mountain height
I could walk in your lovely light.
And float with spirits round caves and trees,
Weave in your twilight through the leas.

Heavens lovely light must pass,
And lose its luster, through stained glass.
Pitter-patter! Sounds of rain
Falling down as blessings from the heaven.
Coo-coo! The sings of birds
Enchanting me, thy voice is melodious.
Flowing river, apart me from whoever.

Oh you mankind! Please rise and shine.
As the beauty of nature is divine.
Enjoy the elegance thus praise the creator
Gimme chance to create doggerel as a survivor

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