Love in Islam


Messenger of Allah (?) said, “By Him in Whose Hand my soul is! You will not enter Jannah until you believe, and you shall not believe until you love one another. May I inform you of something, if you do, you love each other. Promote greeting amongst you (by saying As-salamu ‘alaikum to one another)”
(Muslim, Book 1, Hadith 378)


Dear brothers and sisters,
No religion urges its followers to adopt mutual love, affection, and intimacy like the religion of Islam. This should be the case at all times, not just on specific days. Islam encourages showing affection and love towards each other all the time. The Prophet said: “When a man loves his brother, he should tell him that he loves him.” Love in Islam is comprehensive, wider and sublime, rather than being restricted to one form only, which is love between a man and a woman. There is love for Allah, the Messenger of Allah, the Companions, and the love of righteous people.
Perhaps some people are influenced by what is relentlessly propagated by the media, movies and TV serials, day and night, thinking that a marriage will not be successful unless it is based on a pre-marital relationship between the young couple to achieve perfect harmony between them and secure a successful marital life. Not only this, many people are also influenced by the call to intermixing between the two sexes, lewdness as well as many other moral deviations. This leads to great sin and grave crimes as well as the violation of sanctities and honor. This type of love is forbidden in Islam.
According to the study, a study carried out by Cairo University about what it called “love marriage” and “traditional marriage”, 88 percent of marriages which take place after a love affair end with failure, i.e., with a success rate of not more than 12 percent. As for what it called “the traditional marriage”, according to the study, 70 percent are successful. So, we should love each other only for Allah, but don’t get involved with any illegal love affairs.

Jobayer Al Mahmud
Student, Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey

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