Here it is Adria. Our creator created the creatures that He might be known. He created flowers with much care Adria think so. Adria feels that deep in flowers roots, all flowers keep the flame. And so, she keeps a flower garden in her house.
One night while she was sleeping, a fairy with a lovely little blue eyed, yellow hair and dressed a white frock came to her.
“Adria”, she awakes and response.
“I want to take you in a flowery land”, fairy said.
Adria agreed as she is a flower lover.
After a while she reached the flowery land with the fairy where she found it is the day of daffodils ritual. The odour of the flowers were intoxicated. She wondered then. The flowers were twinkling like star and dancing around her.
A rose flower called her. After then she remembered, according to Greek mythology, rose is created by the blood of venus’s feet; who is the goddess of love.
That rose whispered, “you people have so much divorce among you, but we are very organized.”Adria was a little bit shy about hearing this.
The flower continued, “You are not able to solve any problem in Syria, Afghanistan even though you are so many people. Here children can’t go to school. They can’t enjoy the splendor of flowers. You people are doing so many annoying work, such as, you are unkemptly flowering.”
She was realizing that he is right. People are too much crummy.
After giving advice she enjoyed a marriage ceremony between two flowers, and she was the chief guiest. Adria was fascinated by their hospitality.
After the rituals they offered her a drink made by Jasmine flower.
She found herself in the bed at the morning. She is still searching why they invited her in that ceremony, but in vain.
According to Rabindranath, “These mysteries are forever “.
Whatever the mystery is, since then Adria promised to be soft hearted to all the creatures.

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