This Is My Will -Fatima Binte Mostafiz

Such a sunny day it is, there is no cloud in the morning sky. And the sun is burning gracefully. But its beauty is nothing to the people of Gaza. They are running for a place to hide themselve from the bombs of Israeli plane. But still a little boy is sitting down a tree beside the road. He seems to be writing something in a paper. How much can an eight years old boy write anyway? Yet he is writing for a long time. Then suddenly, three Israeli planes were spotted in the sky, making the people even more terrified. People started screaming, still that little boy is not moving from his place. Then all of a sudden, a bomb fell close to him from the sky. BOOM!!! The tree became half burnt and everything else turned into ashes. But the boy is nowhere to be seen.

“Hey Adene, it’s time to go!!!”
“Huh?? Oh… Right, I forgot. I’m coming”
Adene started to drink his coffee as quickly as possible. They are going to Gaza to put some grenade bomb in the surface so that when a Muslim comes he will explode. To Adene, it’s just like a joke, which makes them laugh. As they were walking down the hill, Adene heard a loud noise. BOOM!!!!
“Ohh was that the sound of a bomb?”
“Yup, the airplane pilots are doing a great job!!”, One of the soldiers said. Adene didn’t say anything else. He was walking quickly and suddenly he was stopped by a piece of paper, which was floating in the air. It landed right to his face.
“What the !! What is this!?”
He picked it from his face and started to stare at it. His face gestures was changing when he was reading it. All of a sudden, a soldier shook him and said,
“What are you doing!!!? Let’s go quickly”
“Uh…..yeah I’m coming. You guys go without me. I’ll catch up.”
“Fine by me, but don’t ran away from your work!!”, another soldier said while laughing. Adene only smiled and saw his fellow men leaving him behind. But he had no worry there, his attention was at the paper. As deeper as he went the more changes in his eyes were seen.

Dear Allah,
I know that this is a silly question for you but Mommy said that while writing a letter, you should always ask the person how he is. So, how are you? Do you know, I’m not that well these days. My home is destroyed and my school is no longer there. I don’t know when I can go to my class again, I really miss my friends and my teacher. But I guess this is not the time to think about that, since we are in a crisis or something. I still don’t know what that means but Mommy told me that it means we are not in a good time. I really miss my Mommy though, and Daddy too. He used to tell me stories of great men who were brave and strong. I don’t know where they are. They told me that they are going to a shop to buy some foods but they never came back. I waited for about five days but no sign of them. A mister told me that they went to Jannah. After hearing this I was mad. How could they leave me here!! I want to go there too. But I don’t know where Jannah is, I hope it’s in Turkey, cause I like that country. I hope one day, I will go there and tell my parents how much I missed them. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me. Everyone I knew are nowhere to be seen. Khalid, uncle Jahid, aunty Aysha, Sulaman are gone somewhere. My home, my school, my playground, all the stores and candy shops are all gone. All I see now is burning trees, broken houses, crying children, screaming people and huge planes, which throws large bombs on us. I use to be scared once but now I feel nothing inside of me. What else is there for me to lose anyway?? I’m completely alone, lost, helpless, hungry, thirsty, wounded, sleepless, homeless and cold.  I have nothing. That’s why I am writing this to you. I want you to be my lawyer, I want you to judge this in your Court. What did we ever do to them??  Why are they hurting us!!!? To judge, I know that you need evidence. So I am writing my will to you, cause I know that you are the best at doing Justice and giving others their rights. I don’t know how to write one but I’ll try. So this is my will-  I want the people of my country to live with a smile on their faces, I want children to play with their friends as I did. I want them to live with their family. I want to stop this crisis and solve this matter in the right way. You will be my lawyer and my judge. And you will take me to jannah so that I can meet my parents. I want this bad people to stop killing and hurting us. Please no more bombs!!! Stop all this!! I just want to live happily with everyone. Please stop!!! I beg of you. But I guess they won’t, so I am telling you everything. I am telling everything to Allah. There is no escape for them!! He is going to judge this in his court!! He is going to take me to Jannah!!!!

Adene stood there for a while. His hands were shaking. His eyes filled with tears and sadness.
“Is this the joke that we are doing? Does this make us laugh!!??  How can we smile when they are crying!!!?”, Adene thought to himself.
“Hey Adene!! What are you still doing here? We’re done putting bombs on the surface. Come one let’s go back.”
Adene stood still. Then all of a sudden he started running.
“Hey!!! Where are you going!!!? Stop!!”
But he didn’t stop, not even a little bit. He knows what he has to do. He needs to stop this!! He has to!!  He still has that letter in his hands. He knows where they put all the bombs. So he went their and started to throwing rocks at it so that it would explode. When the rocks fell…..BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!!! He was doing it again and again.
“What are you doing Adene!!? Stop!!  I say stop!!”
“No!!  You should stop!! We should stop killing innocent people!! Our works are not like the brave and strong men in stories, we laugh at Muslims when they are crying!! ”
“Your being foolish!! Stop this or I’ll kill you !!”
“I won’t stop!! You can do anything you want but I don’t want to be one of the bad people when Allah will judge in his court!! “, Adene said.
“Thats it. You’ve gone completely mad.”
Then that man brought out his gun and shot Adene.
“AAAHHHHH!!!!”, Adene screamed as he was shot.
Adene fell on the ground. The place was full of dust but his tear drops were shining like pearls. The soldiers tried to stop the explosion but it was unstoppable. They didn’t realize that they were too close to the explosion, then all of a sudden a huge explosion happened and all the soldiers were killed by their own joke. Little did they know that a little boy’s will has already reached to his lawyer.

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