Last sight -Fatima binte Mostafiz

Here I am, sitting on a bench, waiting for the train to arrive. I can see how annoyed everyone is, just because the train is late today. But what about me? What am I feeling? In this case, my answer is nothing. I’m not feeling annoyed, angry, sad or anything. I lost that power nine years ago, after losing……ah forget it!!! There’s nothing inside of me…except my organs of course. As I was there, a man of 24 sat next to me. I had no interest on him, but I think he had on me. He looked at me and asked-
“How are you brother?”
What!! Did he just call me brother!? I looked at him. He smiled with his teeth out; I could see the sparkles of his eyes. It was weird. I said-
“Aaa…. I am fine, thank you.”Really? Cause you don’t look like it.”
I didn’t say anything, cause he is right. No matter what I say, I am not fine. He asked me-“Is anything wrong? Are you missing someone?”
I was surprised to hear that from him. Am I really missing someone? I think he understood what I was thinking. He said-
“Tell me about that person, brother”
Bro…t..h…er!! The sound of that word!! He wants me to tell him about it!! You know, I could say no, but he called me his brother, so I had to. I started telling him about that person who I miss, telling him about it took me to the past. My past life, which was Nine years ago……….
“Hey!!! Farhad!!”
“What the….Hasan!! I am your elder brother! Stop calling me by my name”- I said with anger.
“Okay okay, brother…. Please help me with this homework!!”
“Alright, show me your homework……. This is the sum, right?”
“You couldn’t do this simple sum!!”-I said while laughing.
“Well of course it is easy for a 15 years old boy, but for me it’s difficult!”- Hasan said with anger.
“Huh… look, this is done like this….”
“O….now I get it and this one?”
“This sum is the same….you gotta do it like this”
“Wow…that is soo easy!! You solved it so quickly!!”
“Yea I know, they don’t call me the smart one for no reason”
“Thank you so much for doing my homework! Now I can go out and play!”
And then he ran away with his homework. It took me a while to understand….
“Wait a minute; you just made me do your homework!!!! Hey, Hasan!!!! You…!!!”
But there was nothing for me to do. Hasan is always like this. Later that night he pranked me again. At that time I was on fire.
“How dare you put salt in my tea instead of sugar!!!”
“Opps…ha ha ha”
You’re gonna pay for it!!”
Then like always, we started fighting. I know I shouldn’t fight with him. But still, I just had to. Otherwise it would be a defeat in my eyes. Then mom came and scold me, and Hasan? He was looking at me as a winner, and he was smiling at me!!! I got so mad that I didn’t speak with him that night. At morning I was the same. Yea you can call me a mad man or something but I really was an angry dude. But all this time he didn’t even say sorry to me! The 3rd day he came to me with another homework. He said-
“Hey Farhad! Will you help me with this?”
I looked at him once, then I continued what I was doing. He again asked me, but I didn’t reply. Then he said with anger-
“What’s wrong with you!!!?? Why are you avoiding me?!!”
“Well I thought you were smart enough to understand why!!”
“Alright I’m sorry!! And anyway that was just for fun, so why are you so mad at me?”
“Just for fun huh? I get scold every time while you just stand there and laugh at me!!”
“But this is how brothers have fun together!! There’s no hard feeling about it!”
“If brother’s have fun in such a way, than I don’t need a Brother!!!”
“What!!!…..” He said with a sad tone.
“You don’t want me as your brother?”
“No I don’t!! I wish that you were never my brother!! Now get out of my room!!!”
Then I pushed him out of the room and locked the door. I don’t know what he did after that, but I think he was sad. Later that day i didn’t saw hasan in front of me. At night, I only saw him at the dining table. We didn’t talk with each other since then. Some days later dad took us to a huge amusement park. The park was so crowded that even an adult can get lost here!! Maybe dad thought that it would help us becoming together again. But no luck, we didn’t talk with each other. So dad gave me 2 tickets and went to a store to buy some ice cream. Both of us were just standing. I think Hasan wanted me to give him a ticket, but I didn’t do that. Then all of a sudden he said-
“Do you really hate me?”
“Took you long enough to realize that!”
“You know what; fine I don’t need you as my brother either!!!”
Then he ran away. I didn’t care about that. Suddenly, I heard Hasan’s voice. He called me and then all i heard was a loud scream. I couldn’t understand what just happened, but I started looking for him.
“What the…..where is he???!!!”
Then dad came and I told him everything. Then we started searching for him, but no luck. I was sent back to home and dad went to the police station. After a while he returned, and said that 5 children from that park is missing, and Hasan is one of them. The police thinks that someone kidnapped them, they are investigating right now. After hearing this, mom started crying. And me? I stood there, doing nothing. I felt like I was the one to blame. Because of me, Hasan is missing. My horrible wish came true!! I went inside my room and didn’t come out that day. I just couldn’t forgive myself!! Nine long years have passed, but I didn’t see him once after that incident. After telling him everything, I realized that I am crying. And that person? He was just looking at me with amaze. I looked at him deeply, then I discovered something. He looks a lot like Hasan. He even talks like him! Could…it…be…
“Who you??”
He smiled and said-
“I called you brother didn’t I? I thought you were smart enough to understand why”
“Th…en yo..u..r …..HA…SAN!!!”
I hugged him. After all this years, my brother has returned!!! I asked him-
“How did you manage to return?”
“Uh…it’s a long story. I don’t wanna talk about it”
“Oh..okay, no problem. Come, lets go home.”
“What about your train?”
“Ah.. who cares? Dad only told me to go to a some kind of a doctor for some reason, I don’t know. Come on, let’s go home!”
Then we started walking towards the gate…..

“Mom, what’s that man doing? Why is he talking to himself?”
“That guy, walking towards the gate”
“Oh Its nothing dear”
“But he looks so happy!! Is he talking with his imaginary friend?”
“I suppose…….”
“Can I go talk with him?”
“No dear, you shouldn’t talk to strangers. Now come one, the train is here!!”

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