Nature’s Eye
Ahmed Saif

The sorrow on nature’s eye
Give me goosebumps
It’s like something will happen
Something inevitable
Something unstoppable
Something that only nature itself can fathom
The human eyes are only to look for the surroundings
Not to understand it
If they could know what nature is up to
They would have given sacrifice to the nature
They would have given sacrifice to the nature
By not cutting it down
By not shattering it into pieces
By not digging up its soil
By not destroying its greenish assets
But human are greedy
They only live for today
They don’t think for the tomorrow or the day after
Or the day after that .


Ahmed Saif

I was running today and
Suddenly I saw everything else was running
With me
Beside me
Against me
I saw a cigarette running between two fingers
I saw a cup of tea running back and forth in a man’s hand
I saw a ball outrunning me
I saw a lightning sparks running beyond my ability
I saw a tree running by shaking itself
I saw the moon running with me
Then the most surprised thing happened ,
I saw a mouth running up and down
Up and down
And words were running too to get out of that mouth
Some words were like this :
“ the earth is running around the sun
And the sun is running too “
I thought at that moment : What is stationary?
Is there even a word like this ?
Everything running back and forth ,up and down
Blood running ,hormones racing
Enzymes running vigorously
So there must be no “ STOP “ in this Galaxy
And then I noticed that my thoughts are running too ….


Henry David Thoreau
Pray to What Earth

Pray to what earth does this sweet cold belong,
Which asks no duties and no conscience?
The moon goes up by leaps, her cheerful path
In some far summer stratum of the sky,
While stars with their cold shine bedot her way.
The fields gleam mildly back upon the sky,
And far and near upon the leafless shrubs
The snow dust still emits a silver light.
Under the hedge, where drift banks are their screen,
The titmice now pursue their downy dreams,
As often in the sweltering summer nights
The bee doth drop asleep in the flower cup,
When evening overtakes him with his load.
By the brooksides, in the still, genial night,
The more adventurous wanderer may hear
The crystals shoot and form, and winter slow
Increase his rule by gentlest summer means.


Ibn Arabi
An Ocean without Shore

I marveled at an Ocean without shore,
and at a Shore that did not have an ocean;
And at a Morning Light without darkness,
and at a Night that was without daybreak;
And then a Sphere with no locality
known to either fool or learned scholar;
And at an azure Dome raised over the earth,
circulating ’round its center – Compulsion;
And at a rich Earth without o’er-arching vault
and no specific location, the Secret concealed…

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