Dear readers
Hope you are okay. We are OK too by the grace of Allah. At the beginning of time, trade could be named as fair was not in anyone’s vocabulary. As time flew by people changed, classified their social status, turned into overly powdered human robot and then they educated themselves and again changed to a normal human being which is fashion plus education, and started fair named book fair where books are traded for pleasure and penny for the children, adults and the bookworms. Amar Ekushey Book Fair is very well organized with well-formed sections and units with genre. All the book stall publishers tried to outsmart their stalls in new structures. Bangla Academy’s decorated ground was spectacular in view with seating arrangements and potted flowers and Suhrawardy Udyan was mostly filled with amazing structured book stalls. We are covering the fair along with some other book fairs of the world to make it into cover story. Hope you will like it.
Dear subscribers
But, it is a fair without a theme and an aim. I noticed that the whole arrangement was missing an important part, like New Delhi World Book Fair and Cuban Book Fair which set motto, whereas our fair does not contain any theme to begin with. Cuban book fair carries a new theme every year. It would have been really nicer to have theme to understand the significance of Bengali people and notifying the world about us. Since it was not an international book fair so we the Bengali people are missing the books from out of Bangladesh. We buy our books through online and get them through shipment, that is, we are sending hard-earned dollars outside the country to buy some books. So it could have got international nature.
Hope to reach you next year.

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