In the light of the Holy Hadith

Dear brothers and sisters,
Being truthful is one of the necessities of a human society, whilst lying is one of the most evil features of bad conduct, and the cause of the destruction of social structure and ties. But lying is an easy way to boost our status at work, in our social circle, and even with our loved ones. Keep in mind that lying is not only a sin but also an addiction like smoking or drinking alcohol. As with most addictions, quitting lying is essential to us well being. And, like any other addiction, the first step is admitting that we have a problem.
Treat lying as you would any other addiction, make a serious commitment to quit. It’s going to require a lot of hard work and thought, so set a date after which you vow to be honest.  To successfully stop lying, it helps to identify the situations, emotions, people, or places that tend to cause you to avoid telling the truth. Once you know what triggers your lies, you can either avoid the trigger or find a way to confront it with honesty.
If you can’t say something true, don’t say anything at all. When you’re faced with a trigger and tempted to tell a lie, stop yourself from speaking at all. If you simply can’t be honest in the moment, it’s better to stay quiet or change the subject. Practice actively telling the truth. The key is to think before you speak, and decide to say something true instead of false. Again, if you’re asked a question you can’t answer truthfully, don’t answer. The more you tell the truth, the easier it will become. Hence Islam commanded truthfulness and forbade lying.
Jobayer Al Mahmud, Student, Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey

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