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Assalamu alaikum. Hope you are fine, so are we. The world is experiencing an increased number of rightist governments and far-right movements gaining grounds, giving rise to racist attacks, narrow nationalism and more and more polarization on line of religion. That’s why we are running a cover story on the ethnic group/s being ghettoized, marginalized and singled out for brazen savagery like those of Rohingyas which the UN terms textbook example of ethnic cleansing. Many distant friends countries are coming up to help Bangladesh when two of its neighbours — Myanmar and India — have become antagonistic. The former is killing, raping and burning while the latter neighbor is supporting the killers, rapist army and extremist Buddhists, sharing information brazenly with Aung San Suu Kyi, the perpetrator of the crime against humanity. This is the first time Bangladesh has lost all of its neighbor friends. Bangladesh’s ‘look east’ policy has faltered heavily and been defeated at the hands of India’s ‘act east’ policy. Rohingya issue has spelt the death of Chittagong-Kunming connectivity through Myanmar. It is a great gain for India while a great loss for Bangladesh’s connectivity with China. Hope you will like the story.
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