Powerful Muslims Peaceful Planet -Wahidul Islam

It all began when the Ottoman Empire collapsed with the end of World War I. The balance of power tilted heavily towards European powers which are predominantly Christian. Powers on the other side of Ottoman Empire were Britain, France and Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. They were opponent of each other fighting individually or collectively for a long time. Deadly against the predominantly Muslim Ottomans these Europeans helped Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria and other Balkan states to break away from Turkish rule.  Earlier they saw the European lands vanquished one after another; demographic equation of the lands also changed both economically and socio-culturally after the Ottoman conquering. This loss of land to an Asian power aggrieved the earlier and is still found in their grievances. With the fall of the Turks the world became unipolar turning away from bipolarity. Now there remained no power to challenge the western nations with their intellectual and military superiority. Around a few centuries before the fall of the Turkish caliphate the western nations turned to world to colonize, turning into colonial powers pitched against each other. Portuguese came to India and battled with the British to colonize it but the latter overwhelmed the earlier. In 1757 India became a British colony replacing the Mughal Empire certainly defeating Nabab Sirajuddowla first in the battle of Plassey in collusion with Mir Jafar, Urmi Chand, Jagat Shet, Raj Ballav, Roy Durlov and others. They further colonized most of the Asia while France colonized most of the Africa including Maghrib states. Spanish and Portuguese powers shared their colonies in Americas. These acts of and war for colonization were powered by Ferdinand Magellan and Vasco da Gama.
The Versailles Treaty in 1919 spelled the end of WWI and the total collapse of Ottoman Empire. Wars both preceded and followed the Versailles Treaty. The world has so far witnessed 1763 wars only 123 wars were related with religious cause. In the recently published book “Encyclopedia of Wars”, authors Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod have classified seven percent of all wars and two percent of all the people killed in the warfare. For example it is estimated that one to three million people were killed during the tragic crusades. The rest of the wars including WWI and WWII were of the seculars by the seculars and for the seculars. Alone in WWI around 35 million soldiers and civilians were killed.
When the world lost the balance of power around 284 wars took place in between 1900 to 1945 including two world wars.  Around 213 wars took place between the space of 1945 to 1989. From 1990 to 2017 around 139 wars occurred. After the decline of Ottoman Empire the modern world experienced nearly 650 wars. Before the fall of Ottoman Empire in between 1800-1899 around 490 wars took place. In terms of the number of war 19th century was better and more livable. Between 1500-1799 CE around 443 wars occurred.
The frontiers of the Muslim world Rakhine-Aqyab in Myanmar, Bosnia, Kosovo, Nigeria, Nagorno-Karabakh, Darfur, Tangiers in Morocco or Somalia borders have become vulnerable to cultural attacks. Muslims live in these areas as liminal self. People of the frontiers of the Muslim world are influenced by the beliefs across the borders. They learn how to adapt peacefully with non-Muslim neighbors across the border. Incidents deep inside the centre of this world deeply affect the outskirts of the monolithic Muslim world.
Rohingya expulsion from Myanmar is an outcome of the absence of leadership and unity among the Muslim countries what Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina pointed out in a meeting of the OIC Contact Group during the United Nations General Assembly on 20th September, 2017 in the US. She met with Organisation of Islamic Cooperation leaders with its secretary general Yousef Al-Othaimeen in the chair who presented a report on Rohingya genocide and their exodus to Bangladesh and other neighbouring countries and said.  Myanmar army is powered by China which has Veto power in the United Nations. Kashmir crisis is similarly hanging because UN mandate for plebiscite is yet to be implemented in the valley. India very well knows there is no Muslim representation in veto power in the United Nations which will come forward to say ‘no’ to any decision that goes against Muslim interest. The same country expected rich dividend from the Bangalees who got shelter in 1971 but this time Bangalees of Myanmar are desperately looking for refuge in India only to be refused being branded as terrorists. Indian Prime Minister Norendra Modi is paying heed to Myanmar army and it’s hell-bent aid Aung Sun Suu Kyi not to the genocide, rape, arson attack of the Rohingyas by Myanmar army.
Similar reason lies behind the genocide in Bosnia- Herzegovina. In the 1992 war that ravaged the Muslim Balkan nations was waged by Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic who was powered by and colluded with Russia, which has veto power in the United Nations. UN move of impose embargo on Syrian regime of Bashar al-Asad was vetoed by Russia. Failure of resolve the conflict in Syria is a glaring example of failure of OIC, Arab League and the UN, calling for veto power for Muslims in the UN.
Any country perpetrating a crime against other nation/s has got their patron who has veto power to safeguard it from even from non-binding resolutions in the United Nations General Assembly. Look at the scenario of the Middle East nearly 130 resolutions were taken up by the UN and around 45 resolutions were directed to Israel. Israel could violate the resolutions because it has strategic ties the United States of America, which has veto power. The US blocks any UNGA resolution condemning Israel though it is non-binding. For instance, John J Mearsheimer claimed that “since 1982, the US has vetoed 32 Security Council resolutions critical of Israel, more than the total number of vetoes cast by all the other Security Council members.”  Seemingly only Israel will make UN a failed agency.
Since the armistice of Mudros the European powers presided over the collapse of Ottoman Empire they give the present-day vulnerable structure of the Middle East to get their dividend from the oil-rich region of the world. Smaller states were created so that they can never rise on their own feet, perennially depending upon ‘elite nuclear club’ of the UN who have veto power. Not only that all the arrangements were made for the Arabs to stay subjugated to another regional nuclear power Israel.
If you look at the religious affiliations of the countries having veto power in the UN you will see predominantly Christian US, UK, France, Russia are representing 31.5 percent people of the world while China is representing 7.1 percent Buddhists of the world. According to Pew Research Center, 2012 the UN at present is representing 38.6 per cent religious group. Around 23.2 per cent Muslims and 15 per cent Hindus are left out of the purview. Two of the four major religions of the world are not represented. There is a major group comprising 16.3 per cent is left out of the purview who are unaffiliated with any religion. It doesn’t represent 60 per cent others.
The UN is the greatest entity in the world with some successes though it has to be restructured soon to strengthen the body. If Muslims have veto power in the Security Council there will be minimum fracas and tensions in the world and less theatres of conflict. There will be small number of peacekeeping missions draining small amount of funds as there will be less fracas stirred up. At present the countries where conflicts are going on amount to 15 countries and regions where UN peacekeeping missions are deployed. So there will be small number of incidents of sexual abuses by the peacekeepers. Most of the people of these contended places are predominantly Muslim. Underrepresented UN is most likely to underperform. For instance the UN were quick to protect oil-rich Kuwait while resource-poor Rwanda. So UN will have religiously representative and demographically proportionate to perform better. If the number of wars comes down with a representative UN the management cost of the UNHCR, UNICEF will come down substantially.

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