Dear readers
Assalamu alaikum. Hope you are okay. Late autumn is passing by. You can tell winter is on the way — therefore there is a real nip in the air in the morning. Weather is changing. The World War I changed a lot the political climate of the world in 1918. The Ottoman Empire fell and at least 35 lakh soldiers killed. The center of the political power shifted from the East to the West totally. Young eastern power India was then a British colony and after the fall of Qing dynasty in China the country was going through lots of turmoil and change. So Asia stood totally powerless with the fall of Ottoman Empire. As per the Sykes-Picot agreement Ottoman lands were divided between the Britain and France diplomatically depriving Russia. Woodrow Wilson was then the President of the US who visited Paris Peace Conference as the first American President to visit Europe. Tsar Nicholas II was removed through Bolshevik revolution with Vladimir Lenin at the helm. To make our readers understand the present world structure and it’s affairs we are running the cover on the fall of Ottoman Empire. Hope you will like the article.
Hope to return to you next month.

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