Dear Readers
Those who claim that Bangladeshi people’s ancestors were Hindus and that we didn’t convert to Islam from Buddhism they are most probably wrong because most of the people of Bengal were Buddhists. So we are running the cover story on necessity of knowing the past. We will shed light on the age preceded by the Muslim Bengal and that is certainly Buddhist Bengal. Of course there were Hindus during ‘Sena’ and other regimes. It would be once again wrong if anyone thinks Muslim politico-military force changed the whole fabric of religious faiths of the people of eastern Bengal because Hazrat Shah Jalal, Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali, Hazrat Shah Makhdum, Hazrat Shah Paran and many more came in to present the theories of Islam with practicalities. Among them one of the saints Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali had his own state in southern part of Bengal. Hope you will like the story.

Valued Subscribers
English-medium school and Quomi madrassah students are having their vacations as their examinations are over. It is time to have extracurricular activities including learning a new language viz Arabic, having a course on computer, programming language for fun and making your games on your own. Knowledge in English will open up the avenues of mastering the whole world and the knowledge in Arabic will give you total access to entire gamut of Islamic knowledge.
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