Meem Mizan

(Oh! Dear Mohammed);
Certainly Falls.
We have bestowed;
Keep God in Calls.

To Lord immolate;
Sure enemy of you.
Owner worst fate;
Cut off every new.

Identity of Allah
Meem Mizan

Say, (hey Muhammed);
He is Allah, is one.
Allah Unbounded;
Towards you none!

He begets not, nor
Was He generated.
And is none their;
To equivalenced.

Abu Zafar

I love you, Allah, since
You are the final Truth
Created the sun and earth
And immense heaven
So wide and smooth

Worship Him, Do good deeds
No matter how big it or small
He is the One closest to you
Call Him and He answers the call

O Prophet (pbuh)
Abdul Kadir Jibon

O Prophet (pbuh)
How sweet of your name
You have come to bring
Love and peace on Earth,
You are no longer here
Killing, robbery, rape
All corrupted the sphere

O Prophet (pbuh)
Allah has honored you
Since you were a child
We do not know
How to respect
Forgetting your way
We wander in the wild

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