In the light of the Holy Hadith

The importance of good deeds

Hazrat Anas (RAA) reported that Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) has said: Three things follow the deceased person- two return and one stays with him. His family, wealth and actions follow him. Therefore his family and wealth return and his actions remain. (Bukhari & Muslim)

The things follow a deceased person:
Dear readers, the meaning of this hadeeth is quite straight forward. When a man dies his family (wife, sons, grand sons, brothers, sisters, relatives etc) his wealth in the form of his transport etc and his actions follow him to his grave. However, only his actions enter the grave with him and stay with him even after the grave is filled with sand.

Who is major distraction form fulfillment of one’s Islamic Shariah:
We also know that the family members and wealth of the dead person eventually return leaving him alone in the darkness of the grave. Although a man’s funeral prayer is attended by his neighbors, friends and other acquaintances the hadeeth only mentions his family and wealth because they are generally the major distractions from fulfillment of one’s duties as per Islamic Shariah.

The things which will remain beside us in the darkness of the grave:
Only our actions will accompany us in our journey to the grave and the hereafter. We must, therefore, never allow love for family members or wealth to distract us from doing good deeds. We have to remember that sin and disobedience will not help us in the grave and in the hereafter. Our good deed will remain beside us in the darkness of the grave.
Md. Moshiur Rahman

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