The Next Big Things

It would not be wrong to say that in the past few decades, the world has relied so heavily on technology that it would come to a stop if all the technology from the face of the planet was suddenly taken away. People talk about the Stone Age, but it would be worse when people who rely on technology are made to live without it. However, the biggest tech giants of the world are never satisfied with what’s out there. They want to do some more to take the world to a point where people will be living in a world they have only seen in sci-fi movies.
These big tech companies of the world have segregated the world audience into several groups. Supporters of one company would strongly support their company in all it does and often debate with the fans of other companies. What people don’t realize is that every tech company has a different take on technological offerings, and it is the diversity in their work that makes the technological world so interesting and attractive. So what can you expect from the biggest tech companies of the world in the coming times? Here’s an overview.

Apple has been the biggest innovator in the world in the past even though it has lost its touch a bit in the recent years. However, the company continues to release some of the most powerful tech gadgets in the world such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.
The most recent announcement from Apple was of its iOS 10 that will be on its upcoming devices. The most awaited device from the company is of course iPhone 7. iPhone 7 will be quite an experience for iPhone users since a lot of new stuff is being introduced on iOS 10.
Apple has also announced that it will not release phones in cycles of 3 years. Within a 3-year cycle the aesthetics of the phone won’t change much, and it will be more about updates on software and upgrades of hardware. IPhone 7 is supposedly going to have to dual cameras on its back.
Some have rumored that iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack on it. The company is said to have ditched the headphone jack to bring an even slimmer phone to the market. Is there any innovation coming in from Apple? This seems quite unlikely.

Samsung is already doing pretty well with its two smartphone lineups: Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note lineup. Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 has been the most admired phone of the year. However, Samsung has been looking into doing other big things in the recent years. It is evident from the presence of its own chips on “some” of the Galaxy S7 models it shipped. Some reports have revealed that Samsung is now going full-on on making chips for not only its phones, but for smartphones made by companies all around the world.
The technology Samsung has developed is said to be more power efficient and it has been given the name of FoWLP. FoWLP stands for fan-out wafer level packaging platform. Samsung has claimed that this particular technology will completely get rid of the need of having a circuit board.
This will allow smartphone makers to make their smartphones less thick. This technology will also consume less energy so the phones will last longer on their batteries. According to some rumors Apple will be using the new technology from Samsung on its iPhone 7. If that’s true, Samsung is definitely on its way to make some name in the world.

Google is probably the biggest tech giant in the world, as it has its hands and feet in so many things, you could write books about them. The company is involved in projects like head transplants, and it is working on creating modular phones that will be like desktop computers (i.e. you can change whatever components you want on your phones).
It is also coming up with a technology that will allow you to do several activities at home with hand gestures. For example, you could reduce the volume of your TV without needing a remote by just gesturing with your hands in the air.
When it comes to the smartphone world, Google is on its way to make Android N a big thing. The company has not been able to come up with a name starting with N. It has a new utility, called Instant App, coming up that has received great attention from reviewers. This tool will allow you to use applications without installing them on your phones. Allo is a messaging application coming from Google with several new features. Google Assistant is now like Siri but several times better as it can answer your questions and converse with you based on your previous conversations.

While Sony does not get the attention it deserves in the smartphone market, people who have been buying Sony products seem quite satisfied with them, and they never seem to shift their purchasing habits. However, Sony is a company that always likes to experiment with things and bring in innovation. Sony came up with the idea of waterproof and dust-proof phones that is being used by the biggest tech giants of the world, like Samsung, today. However, the future of Sony will be Future Lab Program.
In this particular program, the company is looking at changing the world and how people have been interacting with technology. Sony has promised to bring changes to technology that have not been thought of yet. For example, it is working on a project where a person can see a video and listen to the audio without using any headphones. Sony has promised that it will unveil many prototypes and projects that are going to change the way people have been living with technology. The project N from Sony has already been unveiled and you could say it is the less controversial form of Google Glass.

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